Tuesday, December 29

Fourteen reasons

why it's OK that it's fourteen here:

1. My family lives in this frigid arctic place.

2. I can visit them whenever I want.

3. Warming up by a fire in the fireplace is quite lovely.

4. Fireplace tools, I've learned, are quite functional when you
actually use them and not just think they are a decorative item.

5. I don't have to have the ceiling fan running all night on super-extra high,
because I am hot-flashing all night...I can just uncover myself.

6. Remote car explanation necessary.

7. The thought of, when the temperature ISN'T fourteen,
my kids can all walk to and from school.

8. I can dump off let my kids visit their aunts and uncles
whenever they feel like it.

9. I've grown very fond of socks.

10. Sorel explanation necessary.

11. Seeing Bill in an Elmer Fudd fur hat.

12. Discovering it is probably a REALLY good thing that
I can't use my iPhone when I have gloves on ...while I'm driving...

13. Flannel sheets.

14. Did I mention Bill and an Elmer Fudd hat???


Carol said...

Need a photo of Bill aka Elmer.

SwimMomTrishA said...

I second Carol . . . come on "camera queen" where is the photo. . . well, unless your camera is frozen. . . hee hee !!!