Wednesday, December 23

For a dear friend.....

Once upon a time, there was a family of five.
They were extremely busy adjusting to their new life,
in a new town, during the new-ness of an unfamiliar cold winter,
which was much the opposite of what this entire family was used to.

On this one particular frigid morning,
one of the children was busy preparing for his last day of school
before winter break. It was to be an exciting day for him.
Relaxing sort of school day - movies, popcorn, lots of fun..
the kids could even wear pajamas.

Now the occasional "pajama day" was nothing out of the
ordinary for either of the two older children. Such days
were common in their "old" schools, in their "old" town.

So the anxious child, had the night before, picked out the special
pajamas he would wear, got up and excitedly put them on,
headed downstairs for a warm breakfast, before
happily popping popcorn to share with his newfound friends,
for the days festivities.

The parents of these happy children, were a tad stressed out
unpacking feverishly before the Christmas holiday happened upon them.
They wanted the house to be warm and welcoming to those
family members that would visit them on Christmas.

In the hurry and scurry of the morning, time passed quicker than anticipated,
and before they knew it, it was time to get the two olders loaded up,
and take that short jaunt to school in the warmth of their mama's big rig.

With the billowing exhaust from the newly started truck hitting the cold
of the morning, and kids are bundled all up to their eyebrows with
hats and gloves and scarves and jackets,
hearts were beating fast with the thought of each child
being a little bit late to their last day before vacation...

all of sudden out of the mouth of the boy.....


the end


Sharon said...


Carolyn said...

That. Was. Awesome.

LaAna said...

HILARIOUS!!! Now did said boy have on army PJ's, cause then it would be perfectly OK to go commando!!! :)

Jerolyn said...

HAHAHAHAHA! LOVED IT! and that little fix was just what I need!!

Jerolyn said...

...ed. needed!

Carol said...

That is priceless! Leave it to Conner (:

Keno said...

How funny!! Hurray for Conner
Merry Christmas Friends!

Kathleen said...

Garrin going Commando -- definately a day to be remembered (and to be used in the future to thoroughly embarass him when he brings his fiance home to meet the folks!)