Thursday, November 19

This may offend, so read with caution.

What do you do when you know you are on the path
to something good,
but shit gets in the way and you want to just say

not to anything in particular,
but to life in general. all the shit.
to everything you are not about.
to everything that brings you down.
to everything you can't even believe is happening.
to everything that hurts you.


Roy Wells said...

don't sweat the small shit.. hope all is well with you guys...

Larry said...

FUCK IT ALL!!! DONT NEED IT! there is only enough time to focus on positives. You only worry about the shit you CAN change.

Jerolyn said...

...You just go ahead and SAY IT, and you'll know you really needed to say it when it feels smooth as butta rolling off your tongue...

Unknown said...

You know my fat mouth says FUCK IT a few times a day.
Today, I have been seriously thinking it about several things - several PEOPLE - in my life.
Say it.
Mean it.
Then FIX IT.
And if you can't, then Say it again.

Love you. XO

SwimMomTrishA said...

You put on a smile, you to what you gotta do to get er done, knowing at the end you will feel good about yourself, about the outcome, about the decision. . . and you lean on your friends (or in this case your blog) to let it out. . . . you cheerish the good memories because that is what will be important. . . you remember, then you SMILE . . . and sometimes, unfortunatley, you cry . . . but I promise, you will SMILE again . . .