Sunday, November 15

Saying Goodbye, Part I

Saturday November 14th.
The last Scorpions Soccer game.
The last time Bill will coach boys youth soccer for a while.
The last time he will coach his own son for a while.

Ended the season with a tie game.
Good way to go out.
No winners.
No losers.
Well, these boys are "losers" in a way.
They are losing a great coach.
An uncharacteristically patient coach.
A fair coach.
A kind coach.
An in-it-to-win-it coach.

They win though, if Jaime continues on with the boys next season.
He has been amazing and will take this team far.

Here they are with the long-standing players.
Boys they almost call their own.
Boys that are like brothers.

Especially these two.
Played together since the beginning.
The sons.
I will truly miss the families.
Bill will miss them the most.....all of them.


erica said...

I hope Bill has the opportunity to coach again.

It was a pleasure watching this team and both coaches when I was out to visit.

Coach Bill said...

Thanks Gin... They will all be missed!! I hope as they grow older their winning attitude will take them far.......