Sunday, November 29

In the words of Tigger......

ta ta for now....

Tonight we are coming off our last and final trip to Disneyland California.
We made it memorable for sure.
Our last trip was our only trip for Christmas.
This was the highlight of the trip, by far.
I realized, we as parents need to take it down a notch....Connor asked Santa
for an X-Box 360.
Yeah, Hannah is laughing ......she asked for a Mac computer.
Well maybe not. Garrin asked for choo-choo trains.
Way to keep it real for Santa, Bud.
Something he can actually make in the toyshop!!!
I bid farewell for now.
Christmas for us will be celebrated this year
surrounded by our whole family
in Massachusetts.

My computer is about ready to be boxed up.
My kids have a few more days of school.
The NV State Swimming Championships over the weekend.
A bit more boxing up to finish after that.
Moving truck comes on the 9th.
One way tickets back east on Dec. 11th.

So I'll catch you up then.

until we meet again


Denise said...

Waitin for ya, baby!

LaAna said...

Awesome photos! What fun to be that age again with Santa and the magic of Christmas :)
Well my friend, looks like your journey there is at an end and a new one awaits you. May you all be blessed with happiness, safety and peace as you travel, and as you celebrate this Christmas season. May your new surroundings bring nothing but joy and blessings. Happy travels!!!

Jerolyn said...

Catch ya on the flip side~ whaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
sniff, sniff~~SOB!

trishA said...

We will meet again. . . love, laughter, peace. . . that is my wish for you this Christmas season !! Always your sidekick, always your friend, always Patrick !!!

Emily said...

I am so excited for what the future holds for all of you in your new home! Safe travels.

Gini's favorite brother said...

I think the closer Dec 11 gets, the slower time is going by....does that make sense??

Jer- I would love for you to visit sometime!

Uncle Cracker said...

Oh yeah, kids are beautiful BTW!

Redhead in Vegas said...

Have a safe trip Gini. Vegas won't be the same without you. Lots of love to you and yours!

Jerolyn said...

I will definately visit...*sob again*

Danielle said...

can't wait to see you guys!