Wednesday, November 18

Dear Gail -

Since the time is drawing closer to us moving to the east coast,
I've been recalling a conversation about footwear.

Relative to that,
I came up with these:

Chunky heel for some height,
fur to stay WARM....
How cute are they????
a most definite possibility....

Then there are always these:

Hip and trendy,
a little too flat for my liking...
(you know us short folk need a heel)
WARMTH??...well, that's a given.
a pretty decent possibility.

And yes, my friend, on another of your suggestions,
I could think long and hard about these for sure:
Hell, I could still wear my flip flops.
I could even deal with my propensity to wanna steam some rice,
or the desire go out for sushi constantly....
And besides, what's another excuse to hit Target these days..they
sell them, you know.

But girlfriend...............




Unknown said...

I like the Uggs on you - you have skinny legs so that high boot would look cute.
My fave is the first one, fer shur.
And I am so glad your last one was a definite no. My Dad has a similar pair. :)

Anonymous said...

OK..I have to admit...I have that last pair. Only for skiing up in the mountains though! Honest, it is the ONLY time I wear them. Comfy, warm, water proof, practical. A fashion statement? Definitely not. A couple of good Noreastern and you will be calling me to find out where I got mine! I'm sure of it!! At least get a pair for Bill so he can shovel the driveway in style!


Allison said...

Okay, totally laughing here. YOU KNOW I HAVE THOSE BEAN BOOTS and LOVE, ADORE and CHERISH them, right? Ayuh, I do.

These were the only boots on my feet all through my youth and I just got a brand new pair last Winter, when I, like you, was pondering winter footwear. We never had new, only seconds from Goodwill, which is a cool thing when your Goodwill is 10 miles from Beans. To each his own, right?

As a matter of fact, my Mom loved her Uggs, and so does my sister, but for me they are UGG-LY. Go for the first pair!

Debbie said...

I agree with Allison - the Uggs are ugly, but the top pair are cute. Go for the top pair.

And I also admit that in order for me to live in the Adirondacks and keep all of my toes, I have a practical pair from Northface.

Funny post!