Wednesday, November 11

Bigger isn't always better

I was talking with my brother on the phone the other day.
He mentioned that his family just bought a Wii.
So excitedly I said..."Hey, don't buy too many games because my kids have a
lot of them."....thinking how cool it will be to be near family,
and make a night of hanging out and playing Wii.

So he said...."So, do the kids have...(such and such a game)???"

I kind of felt bad all of a sudden.
A little sick feeling in my stomach.

So I replied..."You know Chris...I actually don't know WHAT games my kids have."

How terrible is that?
When my kids do play the Wii, it is upstairs in the game room...
which is far, far away from wherever Bill and I are at any given moment in
our day. That is how it has been the last 4 years in this house.

This enormous, spacious 4000 square foot house.

A house that has become DISTANCE between all of us as a family.
A house that we have typically been AWAY FROM one another most
days and most nights.
A house that I thought was so great for allowing us SPACE.

But space has it's downfall.
I DON'T play the Wii (or much else very often) with my kids.
We have fallen into a very bad routine over here.
While we all have been very busy,
we have used that as an excuse to be apart.

So what am I looking forward to??

2000 square feet.
Comfy, cozy, sittin' on top of my kids,
playin' games, trippin' over each other,
not EVER losing sight of my kids, 2000 square feet.

Bigger is NOT always better. I am the proof.


Jerolyn said...

Love grows best in little houses!
Here's to stepping on each other while brushing your teeth at the bathroom sink!

Chris said...

Wait 'til all 13 of us are hanging out there...

LaAna said...

We grew up in a small house and then my parents bought a big one. My mom and dad always said they missed the closeness of passing each other in the hall, and being around one another all the time. Funny how what you think is going to be better, just always isn't. :) You guys will love it!

Unknown said...

Okay, I get your point and I love that you're looking forward to your new home in your new state and a new beginning and adventure... you KNOW I get all that.

But really, Gini?
2000 square feet is hardly "small".
4000 square feet is cavernous, yeah. But 2000 is more than "cozy", I think.