Tuesday, November 24

Being Thankful

Well, I am going to write two lists here.
Here goes....

Things I am thankful for today.

  • my husband - his strength, his insight, his love, his drive, his dedication
  • my kids - their strength, their perseverance, their adaptability, their unbiased love
  • my family - their encouragement, their unconditional love
  • my friends - their support, their unspoken love
  • my hair stylist.....just kidding....
  • my SELF (worth) - being who I am to be able to be find the strength to be thankful

Things, I can only guess, ANONYMOUS is thankful for.

  • That I will be "outta here" in a couple of weeks
  • That they have managed to make my days and nights be overshadowed with thoughts of "what where they thinking sending this kind of a letter to another human being that contained the hateful words written in said letter."
  • That other people that may be friends with them, don't really know what a coward they really are because they didn't SIGN the letter.
  • That they are a master at spinning things to make themselves look like a victim.

So let me just take a sec to set a couple of things straight.

To those that want more details....not gonna get 'em.
I have never, ever specifically "called anyone out" on this blog, by name...EVER.
Not going to do it now. I have never incited specific situations to cause pain
to anybody at any time.

What I have done, is write my blog, when I feel like it, how I feel like it.

It is honest and it is true and happy, sad, mad or is ME.

Don't like it??
Don't fricken read it.
Don't keep coming back.
Don't sit there trying to interpret something you may not know about.
It's not always about YOU.

To've got it all wrong.
I am happy to be moving.
While the specific details leading up to the move may be no ones business but
those I chose, I am moving of my own free will, WITH my husband, WITH my
children and moving back to be WITH my family. (See above - unconditional love)
WITH a smile on my face.

Another thing. ANY role I chose during my 9 years here
has been a role to better the life of someone else. While I have lived a very
fortunate life here - I took my TIME and LOVE and ENERGY and focused it on
swim team, and PTA, and Special Education and soccer
et al. I gave everything I did, my heart. Hence - the boat load of friends I have made.
Most of whom, are STILL my friends, much to your dismay. Much the opposite of
what you "spun" in your letter. I feel sorry for you that you looked upon my
life and all that I gave here as let me quote...(you were so good at it in your letter)
**bringing down families
**stirred up
**leave big wedges
**destroy camaraderie

So as far as your "suggestions":

fix this....fix what?, I ask.
step down...I don't walk away from ANYTHING I have committed to, until it is done

because seriously, if I did, I would have been long gone,
a long time ago.

So don't hold your breath anonymous.
I am done when I say I am done.
Until then - stay away from me,
stay away from my blog,
stay away from my facebook.

And go find someone else you can make dizzy
with all your "spinning".


Trisha said...


Thank you for being you.
Thank you for loving life.
Thank you for loving your kids.
Thank you for loving your husband.
Thank you for loving your family.
Thank you for devoting TIME, ENERGY, DEDICATION for the betterment of others.
Thank you for opening your home to others, including my family.
Thank you for opening your heart - whatever large or small piece you wanted to share - to others.
Thank you for sharing the world through your eyes, whether good or unfortunately, some days bad, and usually through the lenses of life.
Thank you for sharing your three, amazing, beautiful, rounded, gifted, athletic, smart, amazing children with us.
Thank you for loving my kids in return.
Thank you for holding my kids hand on the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disney because she was scared and you didn't laugh at her !!!
Thank you for yelling at me when I do your dishes at your holiday gathering, but then wake up in the morning and are thankful I did.
Thank you for making my son feel comfortable in his own skin in your presence which is hard for a 12 year old boy to feel.
Thank you for getting over yourself when you needed to.
Thank you for judging me when I needed to be judged and telling me so. . . hey, that is what friends do.
Thank you for supporting my A type, OCD at times, WHERE IS MY SMARTWATER and WHERE ARE PEOPLE GONNA PARK personality.
Thank you for sharing your camera, your photoshop, your blog hints.
Thank you for allowing me to teach Garrin my name, hopefully he will remember it.
Thank you . . . . I could go on for days . . . . but THANK YOU. For sharing the very little corner of your heart that I have, for the very short period of time that I have had it.
I will stand proud and say it loud. . . I AM HONORED TO BE YOUR SIDEKICK !!!!!!
And in the words of SpongeBob . . . I love you more than JellyFish . . . Always, forever, YOU ARE MY FRIEND . . Trisha (that's with an "A" miss anonymous)

Denise said...

Are you shitting me? Anonymous is mentally ill and needs to be locked up. Anyone who would take the time to write that type of letter is WAY too preoccupied with you. Take out a restraining order.

Can't wait to see you!

erica said...

Well said. Can't wait to have you all back here. We are waiting with open arms, hearts and homes.