Saturday, November 14

All is right with the world.......

....when you find a place that makes donuts the size of your head.

Took Hannah this morning (on the suggestion on a very special friend)
to SERENDIPITY3 (click on it to check out the incredible-ness) for a girly-time treat.
In addition to these monster donuts, we shared one of their specialties..
Frozen Hot DIE for!!!

oh..., and if I was thinking this was a "last time little treat"..

there is one in New York, people!!!


Jerolyn said...

HOLY CRAP, my triglycerides just went up looking at those babies! You mean to tell me you didn't get the $1,000.00 sundae?

Looks divine~ I need me some frozen Hot Chocolate, mmmmmmmmmmm!

erica said...

Pack some up and bring them with you...they look DELICIOUS!!! I'm not getting to NY anytime soon...but Bill is coming next week! drive them here

Unknown said...

been there in NYC.

Leslie said...

Oh Gin! I'm so glad the two of you were able to fit this in and that you had both yummy treats. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love you!