Sunday, October 18

Taking one for the team

"Yes. Connor just got hit square in the face with a soccer ball,
coming full speed off an opponent's foot."
"No. I'm not laughing AT you, Connor. Just trying to make a joke
to lighten the moment.............."
".......... because the drama needs to end NOW. You need to get your butt back
in and get back to playing.........."
before we lose this game, Mister."
Love you Connor.
See?....your head is still attached to your body today.


Bill said...

Reality.. he took a shot to the face from about 8 feet away!! Ball caught him square in the eye.... he did go back in, won the game and made me feel proud as a coach, but mostly as his dad. My son, kick ass, balls to the wall, leave it all on the field, die hard, fanatic, sports addicted, 9 year old HOT SHOT!!! Parents always want their children to grow up just like them, I am the exception to that phrase.... I want to be just like him!

nice photos again Gini!! Connor, I love you and your kick your ass attitude!! Never give in or give up and you will take what you learn from this through the rest of your life...


Chris said...

nice job connor! back in the game dude!

SwimMomTrishA said...

Whoever grabbed the camera and snaps those real time photos . . THANK YOU !! It caught the moment perfect. . . I love when photos do that !!! Conner. . . you are a ROCK STAR and I tell you that each time I see you !!! But also, you took my heart away in these photos, seeing the tears rolling off your chin. . . OMG !!