Friday, October 16


Have you ever made them?
Are you sometimes so right-on-the-money it's scary?

I have to brag...I am usually fairly accurate with most of mine.

Take for instance
What a sweet face.
I love it.
I love him.

But there's been just somethin' about my boy,
not really sure what, but I predicted some time ago
that he would be the first of our three children
to tell me to go F**K myself.

I feel it.
I know it.

As of late he has had a tendency to say...."WHAT THE........??"
and then stops himself.

So the other night we were driving home from swimming and I asked my'
usual question - "How was your workout tonight???"

His response.
"Oh my was so fricken hard!!!!"
of which he caught himself, starting giggling uncontrollably,
and told me HE MEANT TO SAY "stinkin".

Yah, right Connor.

1 comment:

Bill said...

Something he learned from going to hockey games I would imagine!!!

You $%@! suck ref!!!!

oh, and he turns to me and says the same thing... I meant to say "stinkin"