Monday, October 26

"Oh no you di-in't"

So, yes. We drive our kids to school....every day.
We live far enough away from each school, elementary and middle,
to be provided transportation.

But my little prima-donna's kids would rather
I waste a lot of gas, time, money, energy,
spend quality time
chatting with Bill or I on the way to school.

So we drive them.

who doesn't really know any better at this point,
DOES take the bus home.
He arrives everyday right about straight-up-noon-time.

Today I was upstairs, knee-deep in laundry around the time Garrin was
to be arriving. Bill was downstairs. I came down about 12:30 and asked
where Garrin was. He hadn't gotten home yet. Now I am a tad
panicked. But within a couple minutes the bus pulled up.

As I went out, I noticed a new/substitute driver. As I hopped on the bus
to get Garrin, the driver said to me....

"He told me his name was one of the other kids name, so I brought him to that
house and that's why I'm late."

I was like...

"WHAT?"....and I got off the bus...with my kid.

And then I thought out loud...
1. OK, so you relied on a 4 year-old's information about his name.
2. You relied on a 4 year-old....just in general.
3. You relied on a 4 year-old with a speech issue which is why he is in
Early Childhood to begin figure out who he is and how
to get him home.



Bill said...

Makes you wonder where the other kid got dropped off!? CRAZY bus driver, I'm sure he was like the pilots that over shot the airport by a few hundred miles...

Jerolyn said...

what name did Garrin tell them?

Sharon said...

So glad he made it home safely. That driver is not the brightest. We had issues with him last year. What a smarty pants...I bet I know what name he said...

Allison said...

Holy crap. That is ridiculous. But, you do remember that story about me taking one of my mom's daycare kids with me on the bus to kindergarten, so maybe its not that far-fetched!