Tuesday, October 27

It could be that I am getting old....

We are going to spend the weekend in Disneyland,
which is something I've always wanted to do for Halloween.

Bill is going to be a pirate....same as last year.
Garrin is going to be a Nascar Driver,
(not my choice....but's not all about what I want, right??)
Connor is going to be .......... not even going there yet.
That will be a blog post in itself.

So just Hannah and I were left to pick out something. So tonight we
went out together in search of...

Hannah found, after about a half hour of looking,
a very cute Super Girl costume.

As I roamed around for myself, I wanted to keep in mind that
it is getting chilly here and will be in California as well.

I found that I had the option of:

A slutty nurse
A slutty witch
A slutty pirate
A slutty Alice in Wonderland
A slutty fairy
A slutty Little Red Riding Hood
A slutty cheerleader
A slutty zombie
A slutty vampire
A slutty devil
A slutty Wilma
A slutty angel
A slutty prisoner
A slutty french maid (hmm....are there non-slutty french maid's)
A slutty school girl
A slutty biker babe
A slutty kitty cat
A slutty cowboy
A slutty sailor
A slutty Dorothy
A slutty Disney Princess even.....


even a slutty slut.

So I picked out a Hippie Chick costume,
that actually covers my boobs and my butt.......'s gonna be cold.


Bill said...

I'm leaving the pirate costume home and gettin' me a pimp costume......

SwimMomTrishA said...

That has been the conversation all week on the radio . . . Halloween if offical you can dress as a slut day for older women !!!! Going to night for Abster . . . wish me luck !!!

Unknown said...

HA!!!!!!! Dressing like a slut on Halloween has always been my favorite thing to do!! I love it, even as I mock other women for doing the same thing!!!
I can't do it anymore because a) I really can't. Literally. I got fat and my boobs are all "you nursed two babies, we sag too much!". and b) it's cold!! and we go trick or treating!
But - I still love it!
Jay and I talked about going as a Cougar and preppy college boy next year but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hippy costumes - thought about that for myself this year - but I opted for a wig and some black make-up... Abby calls me "the good witch". Ok. :)

Chris said...

Slutty Dorothy would have been awesome... keep warm!

Emily said...

Disneyland at Halloween is AWESOME! Have a great time!