Sunday, October 11

How much can you do in one day?

I knew by looking at my calendar in the kitchen,
and Saturday October 10th was filled with things to do,
and that the days surrounding it had OTHER things to do
with little arrows POINTING to Saturday, ....

it was going to be FULL. VERY FULL.

Started out with the Danny Gans Memorial Run.
Here is Bill and my mother-in-law with
GRUMPY Garrin.

Too stinkin early for him, apparently.

Here is my crazy daughter and her friends. She opted for the 5K run.
(of course she did........)

Waiting at the start line for the 1K-er's to finish up.

Here comes my Connor (who I honestly almost fell on the ground
when I realized he RAN the 1K).

A 10 minute mile. Not too shabby for a first timer!
Nice sprint up the hill to the finish.

My theory of Bill, Garrin and my mother-in-law bringing up the rear,
was surprisingly incorrect. They did great.
And Grumpy Boy was "over himself" by the end of the mile.

Here is the starting line for the 5K.
The weather could not have been anymore perfect,
the skies any more blue.

Lap number one.

Lap number 2.

25 minute 5K.
a three minute add from the last one....
but who's keeping track...

oh, yeah, that would be ME.
The one that doesn't run 5K's.....

After a nap (yeah, that would be me, too.....),

Soccer at 6pm.

With a little chill in the air, it was easy to wake up and get ready for the game.

Here is Mr. Boss-Man, telling his team mates what to do,
where to go....

When you've woken from a lovely nap, it's easy to forget
the "big" lens for the camera. This could have been an amazing shot...

Father and son...and assistant this one.

Mr. Goalie.....god he's mulit-talented, isn't he.....

And let's not forget to give thanks to the cheering section.

OK - Hannah was dancing around and not paying attention...
but so what.

When you are this beautiful, it's all about the drama....

At day's end.....sleeping through the night soundly was a plus!


Denise said...

What a great day! XO

Unknown said...

OMG, Gini. What a great, great, happy, happy day.
I loved this post so much.

soccerman said...

it is not my fault nobody was doing the right thing!!!