Thursday, October 15


Bill and I have been talking

I've had several "light bulb" moments, to say the least.
Let's call it a "flare" moment,
just because I want to post this super cool flare shot I got yesterday....


Isn't it true that when you meet your soulmate,
you celebrate in all the things that you DO NOT have in common.
They are fresh, new aspects you can bring into your own life.
It is certainly part of the attraction to the other person.

I mean, seriously, how boring would it be if you were both
so alike....poured from the same mold....???

So how come, when the clouds roll in,
as you've been sitting under your umbrella of LIFE,
when a storm hits,
and you feel the winds of change blowing in,
suddenly not having certain things in common,
is not so great anymore?

You do whatever it takes to see the light.
To bring you back.
To travel on the same road.
To once again relish in all that is not similar.

at all cost

at ALL cost
**btw - these are shots of our beautiful sky yesterday!!


Bill said...

A very good friend said to me: "ACTIONS speak louder than words"....... It is time, at all costs to act.

Anonymous said...

The “differences” are like chocolate I say. So delicious, exciting, can’t wait to get some more… those first couple of bits; hmmmmmmmm, but too much of a good thing always make you feel sick. So you naturally keep your distance, always looking; remembering. But for some reason you never forget those delicious, luscious, mouth watering first bits…time makes you forget how sick to your stomach you felt when you had Too Much. Maybe you’re at a friend’s house or by yourself in a coffee shop, and that smell hits and you can’t help but want it again. Ask yourself, have I ever tasted a bad piece of chocolate after being away from it for some time? Is that first bit still as delicious or has it turned bitter? Was it worth trying it again to find the answer? Read between the lines Gini, only you have the answer.

Unknown said...

So, I have no idea who "anonymous" is in this case so I risk offending someone - but I have no idea what that analogy means. It doesn't make sense to me at all.

What makes sense to me is what my Pastor said to me when Jay and I were in Pre-Marital Counseling.
Now, of course, I'm paraphrasing here but - "Sometimes - you're going to look at each other and say 'who the fuck is that? how did I get here?'"

That said, from where I sit, I doubt that your introspective period right now is reflective of a bad time in your marriage, specifically.

Sometimes life tests us. Sometimes we have to see if we are as tough as we think we are.
Sometimes it entails asking what's important, who's important, why these things or people are important.

Often it requires us to get OVER ourselves and realize that we're not all "deep and mysterious and complicated" but, in fact, we're pretty "simple, open and loved."
And, in my experience, husbands are pretty good at reminding us of that.

I am often amazed at how free and calm I feel when I am able to say "you're right, I need to get over myself" or "yes, maybe I should look at it that way." I rarely admit that to anyone other than my husband.

My point is simply that you're right, Gini - the differences attract us and keep us together. But it's also the same-ness and the appreciating when to use one or the other.

Erica said...

I remember when you met. I remember the time you spent together, the walks.. the talks. I was there through most of it, watching and living through it until the day you said "I do". And to this day I hope to find what you both did all those years, passion,and a best friend. It's what makes life exciting and love worth fighting for. No matter what. Remember the beginning...and the rest will follow.

Denise said...

Another thing - don't lose the forest through the trees. These are moments of your entire story. You have influence over how they fit in. Influence it.