Friday, October 9

Dear Christopher:

I've always believed in the whole -
I am the older sister so....

anything YOU can do I can do better.

Until last night.

that you made a week ago.

While it smelled heavenly as I cooked it,
and it truly tasted terrific,.....

yours was WAY better than mine.

Just note that I will NEVER say those words again
as long as you and I are brother and sister.

Even if I have to lie about it,

I will never admit to such a thing.

But seriously, Chris....
my sauce is WAY better than yours, for sure, isn't it???

Go ahead, you can admit it....
just once.
I am due the kudos on my sauce.

Come on.

Love you -
Your oldest sister
who makes the best sauce on the planet


Denise said...


Chris said...

Maybe we have to have a sauce cook off!!! Your Adobo will be better if it sits in the fridge a few days...and I hope you made it with chicken thighs. You have turned me into a major believer of the dark meat. Wait, that didn't sound good...

Kim said...

OK, seriously....

You both know my sauce kicks the crap out of your respective sauces.


Jerolyn said...

I would like to volunteer my expertise services as judge and jury in these so called "cook offs" thank you and you're welcome!!!

p.s. I won't even charge you...just this once!