Wednesday, October 7

Celebrating Death

Seriously, you'd have to be a member of my family to find that statement
not EVEN the least bit morbid.
I suppose being religious can set you in that way of thinking but for me,
I just grew up that way.

Family dying has always been a part of my growing up. I have learned
that celebrating that from a young age....well,
it's kinda kept me sane all these years.
Otherwise, losing pretty much everyone in my life,
consistently throughout the years,
could have sent me right over the edge.

More on this later...maybe tomorrow...
another blog post for sure.

Back on point.
We spent five wonderful days with family celebrating
the impending arrival of my new niece with a shower for my sister and her
husband. We did spend one day, after the shower, driving to all of
the graves of our show our kids.
To explain.
To teach.

Try explaining why St. Michael is killing something......

We answered questions like:
Are we walking on bodies?

Why is Daddy's name on this one?
We did, most of all, want to teach them respect.
You can't help but see the beauty, and as we were all walking around,
it was important that my kids understood that this was a place
to be thoughtful.
All three are holding hands here, and trust me I will use this to blackmail
them someday......
"Why seek ye the living among the dead?"

Have you ever had to ask yourself that?

There are times that I have gone back to Connecticut with not one ounce of
desire to go to the cemetery. But other times,
it is exactly as in the saying...

I think I am looking to fill an empty hole in my soul,
and generally I can find it there.
The statuary here is gorgeous - the cemetery where my mother, grandmother,
and grandfather are buried. I am sure other cemetery's hold the same
art-ful-ness....but this is a place I am familiar with. I'd gone on many, many walks
as a kid with my grandfather to this place. The statues that were my favorites as a
kid are so much more beautiful to me today.

Today though, I can capture that in a photo.
I feel lucky.
I can look at these when I need a "fix"
since I am so far away here in Nevada.
Fall in Cedar Hill Cemetery.
Ain't no stinking palm trees here, huh???

My flare shot.
Loving it.

And loving my trip back
for more reasons than I ever thought.


Debbie said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Loved the time for so many reasons... The pictures only tell a part of the story. I can't wait for more!

Unknown said...

You took beautiful pictures. The Peace comes through in each one.
I, too, find all of my peace, my calm, my confidence and strength from my FAITH.
I know you do, too - as does your family.
That is what brings us together.
Not because we are both bad-ass hotties with mouths only dwarfed by hearts.
But because we are open, honest and true to ourselves because of and WITH our love for God and our trust in God.
Love, Love, Love.

Kim said...

Gorgeous shots. There's something just so calming about that place - always has been, even before our own family was buried there. Always will be. It's a place I always go when I need to just clear my head and think.

Sounds strange to say but I have so many wonderful memories wrapped up there. Remember Poppy used to have us knock on the mausoleum doors? And taking Sasha to swim in the lake? Every year Dennis and I compare the wreath we put up to the one on Katharine Hepburn's headstone. Ours is always better, and I love making Matthew a part of that tradition.

Great having the time with you, too, big sister. Glad it was one of those trips where you got what you needed.

(BTW, no pic of the angel in front of the pyramid for Mark Howard? That's my fave.)

Denise said...

This was an amazing post with amazing pictures which echo your thoughts. I (we) love you and I (we) feel so lucky to have you in our lives. I (we) want more. XO

Chris said...

Great post, Gin. Kimmy, are you talking about the statue that we could put flowers in the hand? I remember many times as kids walking through this place. I can only think we have found in it what our grandfather always wanted us to see. I have felt lately like I really enjoy being there taking in all of the beauty.

Roy Wells said...

Wow Gini, that is a wonderful post. The pictures really draw you in to the moment. Here is something I found you might find interesting. Being a diver I find this fascinating.