Friday, September 4

I hate it when...

....I've been knocked flat on my a$$ sick.
Hate It.

But this morning, I felt it.
A new day today...finally feeling like a human again.
As I came downstairs looking like I hadn't showered in
a couple of days...oh wait...I HAVEN'T showered in a couple of days..

I looked into my living room and thought how
pretty and bright and lively and cheerful the room looked.

That's what I am going to try to make of this
First-Day-Back-From-Hell Day.

Oh. And I need to spend more time in this room. Really.
What a waste that we don't enjoy it more.


Unknown said...

It is a beautiful room - made beautiful-er by your puppy enjoying it all by herself! :)

Chris said...

Looks great, Gin. I miss Lucy, and you guys, of course. She is just unlike any other dog!