Wednesday, September 30

Well, Fall officially started when?? September 23rd or something?

Today - September 30th
Fall hit the desert....for now....
Five of eight this case you can't see the temp...
here you go...
Yesterday it was 100.
Even my flowers look cold....
I think we are finally ready for this.
Pool is down to about 80.

Sunday, September 27

Why Connor had a good swim meet...


.......and Hannah did not.

It was a swim cap. These boys are discovering exactly how much water
you can get in a swim cap...without it breaking. And then you can
tote around a 78 pound really cute girl in one.

Saturday, September 26

"Diving" back in.

Nothing like getting right back into things.
For instance......a swim meet weekend!

I don't mind.
Downtime is over-rated sometimes.

Friday, September 25

I gotta tell you...

It feels good to have my camera in my hands again.

To carry it around with me where ever I go.

I say that like I'm some professional photographer.

But it is something so little, that makes me so happy.

Something that I really love.

Taking pictures of "things" I really love.

I'm due a little love.

Thursday, September 24

To be or not to be....

Two years ago today, I started this blog.
Two weeks ago, I took a break from this blog....

to just BE

for a little while.

be happy
be sad
be scared
be crazy
be nervous
be vulnerable
be useless
be busy
be lonely
be helpless
be strong
be sarcastic
be honest
be weak
be absent
be fragile
be reserved
be outspoken
be angry
be hurt
be loved
be silly

Most of all, today, right here, right now
I am grateful
to just be me.

Wednesday, September 9


I remember when I was younger and I was trying to decide what toothpaste
was the absolute best to use....absolute best is surely up for personal scrutiny, of course....


I know I had read somewhere something like 8 out of 10 dentists surveyed recommended Colgate Whitening Toothpaste...yadda yadda yadda....

Bought it and never looked back.
Haven't bought any other brand since.
Hannah has insisted since to try Crest, which makes my insides get all knotted up, because I did not read somewhere about 8 out 10 dentists recommending that one, so how can it be good, and do the job that needs to be done and stop gingivitis and so one and so forth. Do ya' feel me?

Where does this lead me?
Well. I saw this the other day:

and thought to myself.....


Tuesday, September 8

A milestone hidden in another milestone

Potty Training. In the beginning it is all the same.
Boys or Girls.
They learn to do their business on the same ol' piece of equipment.
Boys you just have to flip some little flap someway on the chair, goes the opposite way.
Let the training begin.

As a parent of a second boy, I already knew the following would be happening.
While the milestone of actually being potty trained is

This particular milestone is even HUGE..ER.

Garrin finally decided that, yes in fact, it is cleaner, faster, better, less work to pee standing up.

While we have had numerous conversations on why he should stand up.....

**the potty's at Disneyland and most public places are not the cleanest ones around and peeing standing up eliminates having to get fully buck-naked, including shoes, balancing on one still shoed foot, while not letting on itty-bitty tiny bit of skin touch the floor, especially after getting off of the potty and trying to get redressed.

**the explanations I've tried to give him while peeing myself in which he proceeds to ask me
a. why I don't pee standing up and of course, b. why I don't have a penis......

**even though I am fully aware of the fact that the potty's at school are smaller and
lower, I also know that he DOES do it standing up there, and standing on his
tippy toes is just a little something he can do to expedite this.

**the simple fact that Daddy and Connor do it. Get in. Get pee everywhere. Get out.


Until the other night. He was just about to fall asleep in our bed. So we asked him to
get up and go pee, before he headed into his room, into his own bed. He marched into
our bathroom half dazed...I was two short steps behind him.
He got in the bathroom, lifted the seat, and peed like a race horse.



Friday, September 4

I hate it when...

....I've been knocked flat on my a$$ sick.
Hate It.

But this morning, I felt it.
A new day today...finally feeling like a human again.
As I came downstairs looking like I hadn't showered in
a couple of days...oh wait...I HAVEN'T showered in a couple of days..

I looked into my living room and thought how
pretty and bright and lively and cheerful the room looked.

That's what I am going to try to make of this
First-Day-Back-From-Hell Day.

Oh. And I need to spend more time in this room. Really.
What a waste that we don't enjoy it more.

Wednesday, September 2

Side Effects

It is quite incredible to think of the raging fires in California
and know that we are feeling some of that tragedy here,
in our air,
in the form of smoke,
by way of the wind.
The smoky haze just sits over the valley all day,
visible to everyone.
But at night it has made for an eerily, unusual sunset.
Crazy, huh?

Tuesday, September 1

Just going with the flow...

blood flow, that is...

So anyway. Having a third child at 40.
Well, you kind of just go with the flow with everything.
Your first you for sure freak out about stuff,
a little more laid back by the time the second one comes,
and god knows when the third arrives,
I mean really....whatev....

Now I would have to assume that the kids are pretty much the same.
Hannah did, when she was younger, have a tendency to get a little freaked out
about stuff.
And Connor, oh boy Connor, takes everything that happens to him, like
the world is crashing in around him and going to come to an abrupt stop.
Now these reactions could stem from any number of things.

scraped knee
water up their nose
buying the wrong kind of bread...

you get me..

Now Garrin is a whole different breed, man.
When I say he just goes with it....I mean he just goes with it.
Pukes the bed? Comes in to get us, not panicked, and then proceeds to
puke in the toilet, nice and neat, until he is all done. Sometimes with a smile.

Hannah just feels the urge and cries for me to come in and sit with her,
no matter how long. So we sit and sit and sit...
Connor, well, he pretty much thinks we need to start picking out coffins for him
when he starts puking. It's all over for him, by that point.

So this morning, I'm finishing packing up Connor's lunch to get the boys off
to school, when out of the bathroom walks Garrin....covered in blood.
There are little droplets all over the tile marking his trail from the bathroom to the
kitchen. He's got a stream of toilet paper in his hands which he'd used to
try to clean himself up. Wasn't having much luck, so came out to ask me
for some help. No crying, No screaming....we actually had a conversation..
(in which of course, I'd asked him if he was picking his nose prior to the bleed...)

Got him all cleaned up.
Threw on a clean shirt.
Loaded up in the car.

He is quite the trooper....seriously.

Too bad this super awesome rockin' T-shirt...
is ruined. Hope I can get all the blood out!
It is GOOD to go with the flow!!!