Monday, August 10

When anxiety disorders pay off....

I just recently asked someone if they thought Type A people
had a tendency to be OCD as well.
It is definitely something to ponder when you've got a few minutes.
And I, obviously, only HAD a few minutes to think about it of course,
being that I think I am a good 50/50 mix
of Type A and OCD. I had things to do, so I couldn't ponder too long.

A Good Mix.

I said good because someone VERY SMART in the field of
OCD said to me once, that it isn't a problem until it starts disrupting your daily life.
I feel it only ENHANCES my daily life.

Like when I open my pantry and everything is in order.
The cans are all separated, fruits on one side, veggies on the other.
All labels facing forward, stacked perfectly according to size.

Or when I open my linen closet and my towels are all folded neatly and in
the same direction, according to thickness, absorbency, color of course,
and size. Wash cloths, hand towels, bath get me.

I also enjoy the "trying to trick myself".
For instance, putting the honey back in the pantry with the back label
facing forward. I really try to get the pantry door closed without fixing it,
but never can. I re-open and re-adjust....always with a chuckle.
Trying to fold a towel with the seam on the outside....
same thing...I try but never succeed. I feel good about that.

So this past weekend, I organized a local meet the swim team was hosting.
All the stress leading up to the weekend, quite normal......because everything
needs to be perfect.

I took time to shoot a couple pictures of my most favorite time of
organizing a swim meet.
Almost like opening the pantry doors or the linen closet doors........

The early morning hours, right before the rush of kids arrive.
Before the meet starts, I actually get to look on deck,
at everything my OCD and Type A stand for.


As a side note I MUST add, that a few of my "crew members" also
possess similar anxiety disorders as well......who needs a doctor
when you've got such good, good friends????


Emily said...

Now I know why I like you so much! My pantry and spice cabinet are arranged the same way as is my linen closet. And I heard this from a comedian recently, "I don't have OCD but if I did it would be CDO"

Unknown said...

You just made me realize that I am not NEARLY as OCD OR Type-A as I thought I was.

Kim said...

And you guys tease me? You are soooooo much worse than I am.

That water looks so peaceful...and that is some seriously blue sky.

Denise said...

That SUPER SMART person in the field of OCD rocks, doesn't she?!?! Here is what I have to say: perfectionists are running the world, baby!

Kyle said...

Hmm... could I possibly be one of those "crew members" ???? Ha!