Thursday, August 27

A Thought for Thursday

Today's thought is being brought to you by.....

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

and also by.......

Holy Crappola....

It's my 17th Wedding Anniversary today!!

Get it?? anniversary??

Anyway. Here's to 17 married years to the best guy on the planet.
I had this picture especially made for us sketched from chalk and charcoal...

OK - who am I kidding? I photoshopped it.
I love it regardless.

Honestly we don't have a lot of photos of the two of us together.
In the past it's been kinda hard for us both to fit in one viewfinder.

"Mawwaige... Mawwaige is what brings us together today.
Mawwaige... that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam.
Twue wove. Twue wove will follow you forever."

I would love to say that my marriage is the best thing since Greek Yogurt...
But marriage folks, is hard. Hard work.
But sooooo worth every single solitary second you put into it,
when you are married to your soulmate.

"I love you. You... you complete me. And I just..."
"Shut up, just shut up. You had me at "hello". "

And yes, I am proud. I am proud to have made it to 17 years
with this guy. This guys who actually "had me at"...
"you look hot in those shorts."

Just kidding.

Lucky me though.
I get to have him until "goodbye".

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Unknown said...

So - did you get some diamonds or what!?
Happy Anniversary!