Friday, August 14

Things that really make you stop....

and go WTF??? ..........hmmmmmmmm.

It's no secret that I really like living here.
The weather.
The landscape.
Yadda yadda yadda....

Speaking of landscape.
Landscaping, actually.
Bill and I both love the LOW maintenance of
desert landscaping. And who doesn't love a palm tree??

I stole this picture off my sister's photo gallery found this picture
of when our front landscaping first went in right after we moved into this house.
We had to have a palm tree and opted for one that we could
actually afford without taking out a third mortgage on the house.....

oh, wait a sec.
The third mortgage was for the pool and the backyard,
so let's call it a fourth mortgage....

anyhoo. the photo.

And here is our beloved palm tree - 3 years and 4 months laterI know, I know...
holy fricken $hit!!!

So OK - I love palm trees....

Imagine my surprise when I came upon this beauty last week,
across the street from the entrance to our community.
Yeah, exactly what I said - WTF?

A plastic palm tree

fake planted

in the ground.
It even looks fake from far away.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Driving home.
Pulling up to my community.
Getting ready to hit the button to open the gate.

Hello??.....WTF is THIS?
An even MORE fake looking palm tree.

Planted right the hell next to the other one.
Who did this?
And what was laced in the crack they were smoking?


Anonymous said...

Okay - that definitely deserves a FINE ! Let’s give them 14 days to correct this violation - Desi

Bill said...

Funny!! These were the fake palms they had at the entrance of there community in those big bowls on top of the even bigger pillars.... we should torch em.....

Redhead in Vegas said...

I wonder if they are going to replace them in a few years with bigger ones to emulate growth. That would be freaking HYSTERICAL! That is one of the oddest things I've seen out here.

Unknown said...

I can't believe how BIG your house is!!!
I love it!!!
And I love those fake palm trees.
Don't get me wrong - I only love them bc they're not on my street or in my yard, but still - they're cute!!!

Jerolyn said...

those trees are FUG!