Wednesday, August 5

My son...

.....wears his heart on his sleeve,
and doesn't give a crap who sees it.

I LOVE that
and I love HIM!
Yesterday in school, Miss Fischer gave out academic achievement awards to the kids
and then presented all of us parents with a slideshow from the past year.
The kids recited a poem at the start,
and ended with a song.
Connor PROUDLY stood next to Miss Fischer, as the poem started....
(he looks proud, doesn't he??)

and was humbled to get his awards...
(one of which was the Straight A award for the whole year!)

As the kids stood for the final song, I couldn't help but
bite my lip, watching Connor try to hold it all together.

Unable to hold back his emotions,
his tears filled his eyes.....

and he cried.

in front of his friends
and all of us.

and thought nothing of it.

He had an amazing year
with an even more amazing teacher,

that he truly loved!

Who wouldn't cry?


Dennis said...

Great Job, Con Man!!

-Uncle Dennis

SwimMomTrishA said...

Ok. . my make-up is running at work - - thanks Gini !!! OMG. . . how much do you just want to hold that kid close to you and never let go !! The world needs more Conners . . . the world needs more Miss Fischers . . . the world needs more mom's like you who share the joy from your heart !!!

Kim said...

Good for you, Connor! Congrats on another great year! Only two more days to go - have fun!!

Unknown said...

omg - that is the sweetest thing ever. SO CUTE!

Denise said...

Nice! Real nice!!!