Friday, August 7

It's finally Friday, right??

There hasn't been a moment of rest since getting back from Junior Olympics.
I believe the luggage is still NOT unpacked......oh well.
This is Connor's last week of school,
our swim team is hosting a meet this weekend,
I have PTA stuff to prepare that needs to be done before
we leave for our mini-vacation to the beach and Disneyland
(yes, Disneyland. we are getting our money's worth out of those annual passes!!)
in two weeks,
birthdays approaching,
and remembering that, yes, even though school is finishing up,
I need to do BACK TO SCHOOL shopping.....

My blog is suffering,
my Facebook is suffering,
I am missing out on friends and fun
and catching up with everyone.

Oh the life of Garrin. Goes along for the ride and crashes out whenever necessary
to catch his second wind.

I often think what it would be like to, just for once,
step out of the driver's seat of my life.....


Keep dreamin' Gini.
Keep dreamin'.

Catch ya later.
Heading to pick up my son, from his very last day of 3rd grade!
Whoooo Hoooo!


SwimMomTrishA said...

OK - - too funny !! I am in a meeting, opened this up to read, and the HR recruiter sitting next to me laughed out loud !!! Too funny Gini. . . as busy as you are, you still haven't lost that humor of being able to laugh at yourself !!!

Denise said...

You are a freaking riot and I love you! XO

Kim said...

I'm gonna repeat what I said to you on the phone today - you need to start saying No!

Very cute picture of Garrin, but that other picture is freakin' me out!

Unknown said...

Baby boys sleeping in car seats. = Cutest pictures ever.