Wednesday, August 12


Today I thought of a few things, all that money
could buy.

1. A week's stay, for two, airfare and hotel included to Tortola. Beachfront
room. Airport transfer and taxes, included.

2. 2 years worth of monthly mani's or pedi' at your favorite Asian
salon, tip included. Little painted cutesy flowers included, too!

3. 30 bi-weekly visits from Merry Maid's including 2 seasonal window
washing's in and out.

4. A boob job.

5. 3 consecutive weeks stay at The Bellagio, Las Vegas,
no food included.

6. 2 years of Season Passes for a family of 5 to Disneyland, Anaheim, CA.

7. 1 medium sized Hermes of Paris Kelly handbag.

8. A 1977 used Mercury Cougar XR7 on e-Bay.

9. 43 months of my pool-guy.

10. Samsung 55inch - 1080p, 240 Hz, LCD-LED HDTV
Model number: UN55B8000 that Bill saw over at Best Buy
that he wants. Him kissing my ass for a year for letting him get it, included.

or still included.

You could dress her in $hit-covered farmer jeans
and she'd still be gorgeous.


Kim said...

You're gorgeous, Hannah!! Glad to hear it didn't hurt!

Denise said...

Hey! How come I didn't get a choice of colors for my braces.

Unknown said...

That girl really is a knock-out!!

The ass kissn' husband... said...

nice.... in the end, the money will have been well spent. She is gorgeous ( like me..) Oh, the TV... I wanted... I am just waiting till your next trip to California with Hannah... Us boys will be parked right in front of that bad boy come Saturday morning!!!

Roy Wells said...

Wow, , artsy fartsy high tech Deco, I am also glad it did not hurt, and wow... She is gorgeous!