Friday, August 28

2 Records broken in 1 day!!!

My kids are AWESOME!
Totally AWESOME!!!

OK I am going to brag a bit here.
Like I've never done that before, right??

I have got to get to the library to check out the Guinness Book of World Records
for 2009, to see if both Hannah and Connor will be making it into
to 2010 edition, for sure!

So do you believe me when I tell you that this has NOTHING to do with swimming??


Other talent lies within my two.

So let me just tell you. What are we on? The fifth day of school.
Let's just say - CONNOR, my beautiful son.
Yup, running around this morning like a fricken maniac because he didn't finish his homework
last night, apparently too pre-occupied with PSP or Sports Center or tossing a ball
or whatever he was doing besides homework.....even though I asked him 743 times if
it was all done and packed away in his backpack.

And HANNAH....LOVE her. Really. Love her.
Day 5, right?? Texted me by 7:50 a.m. to bring her something to school that she needed
and forgot to get herself.........even though I asked her last night about 743...
yadda yadda yadda..

This usually doesn't happen until week 2 or sometimes week 3....

Okay...I'm done bragging....

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