Monday, August 31

This morning...

...I asked Garrin's teacher if he looked "big" today.
He does, doesn't he?

I hope I am not missing something.
Like...."when did THIS happen?".
Being busy is taking my mind off of the fact that my kids are growing up,
and getting "big".
Where is the time going?

Friday, August 28

2 Records broken in 1 day!!!

My kids are AWESOME!
Totally AWESOME!!!

OK I am going to brag a bit here.
Like I've never done that before, right??

I have got to get to the library to check out the Guinness Book of World Records
for 2009, to see if both Hannah and Connor will be making it into
to 2010 edition, for sure!

So do you believe me when I tell you that this has NOTHING to do with swimming??


Other talent lies within my two.

So let me just tell you. What are we on? The fifth day of school.
Let's just say - CONNOR, my beautiful son.
Yup, running around this morning like a fricken maniac because he didn't finish his homework
last night, apparently too pre-occupied with PSP or Sports Center or tossing a ball
or whatever he was doing besides homework.....even though I asked him 743 times if
it was all done and packed away in his backpack.

And HANNAH....LOVE her. Really. Love her.
Day 5, right?? Texted me by 7:50 a.m. to bring her something to school that she needed
and forgot to get herself.........even though I asked her last night about 743...
yadda yadda yadda..

This usually doesn't happen until week 2 or sometimes week 3....

Okay...I'm done bragging....

Thursday, August 27

A Thought for Thursday

Today's thought is being brought to you by.....

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

and also by.......

Holy Crappola....

It's my 17th Wedding Anniversary today!!

Get it?? anniversary??

Anyway. Here's to 17 married years to the best guy on the planet.
I had this picture especially made for us sketched from chalk and charcoal...

OK - who am I kidding? I photoshopped it.
I love it regardless.

Honestly we don't have a lot of photos of the two of us together.
In the past it's been kinda hard for us both to fit in one viewfinder.

"Mawwaige... Mawwaige is what brings us together today.
Mawwaige... that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam.
Twue wove. Twue wove will follow you forever."

I would love to say that my marriage is the best thing since Greek Yogurt...
But marriage folks, is hard. Hard work.
But sooooo worth every single solitary second you put into it,
when you are married to your soulmate.

"I love you. You... you complete me. And I just..."
"Shut up, just shut up. You had me at "hello". "

And yes, I am proud. I am proud to have made it to 17 years
with this guy. This guys who actually "had me at"...
"you look hot in those shorts."

Just kidding.

Lucky me though.
I get to have him until "goodbye".

Tuesday, August 25

Not convincing enough for Connor

So tonight for dinner I told the kids we were having

well....maybe I didn't say the word squash....

Anyway, both Hannah and Connor were anxious to help.
No swimming tonight, homework was done, and this was a special
treat for them during get to help with dinner.

Here is Connor mixing up the pesto.
And Hannah preparing the SPAGHETTI squash.
Yes I said SQUASH.
Have you ever had spaghetti squash?
It's kinda weird, but kinda good.
Really good actually...with a lot of butter and salt and pepper.
How about pesto?
Probably not THIS kind of pesto.
Edamame, cilantro, olive oil, garlic.....
Little grated cheese on top.

"alimento dei dei" of the gods (as my grandfather used to say)

I liked it.
Connor did NOT.
Bill offered him McDonald's because he looked like he was going to puke.
I think his appetite was ruined....he didn't even want that!

Anyhoo....not really anticipating a lot of requests for that recipes from any of you....

Monday, August 24

Smooth sailing...

and lookin' good doing it!


Sunday, August 23

Something in the air.

Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water. ~Antoine Rivarol

That is exactly how today felt. With all the rush of
running around getting everything all ready
for the kids first day back to school tomorrow,
there was this sadness.....gloominess - like the sky.

I am truly sad to have to give up my days with my kids
and send them back to school - no matter how much I might joke
about getting rid of them..

I AM sad.

Thursday, August 20


We made it to the beach.

Such beauty...oh wait...
those are my kids.

Such peace...
oh wait...that is Bill sleeping...
It was truly all that we expected it to be.

Moments of togetherness.
Moments of alone-ness.
Getting sand in places you never thought you could get sand in.
Relishing in every picturesque moment.
(noticing how many muscles our daughter has in her back...)
The best being - getting the newest, greatest shot of your three kids together..
and smiling...

for all of 10 seconds.

Wednesday, August 19

This is how we roll.........

because it is such a waste of time
to worry about all the ups...
and downs...
of things that were not quite in the schedule....
but just happened because...well..
$hit happen$.
I am thankful for a family that just kinda "rolls" with it!!!
I love them.

Tuesday, August 18

No matter what....

finding time to be able to appreciate things like this,

makes up for everything that ISN'T perfect.
Life is Good.
Even if Ford Expeditions stuck in low clearance parking garages is not.

Sunday, August 16

Have you ever felt...

a little uncomfortable about going on a vacation
because you are thinking that your kid
is going to have WAY more fun

than you ever did,
ever thought you might,
ever think is possible in your future

just because

She would find a way to have fun
locked up in prison...
Off to fun in the sun in California til Friday!!!
Well, I HOPE we have fun...

Friday, August 14

Say what?

Hannah and Connor saw a movie with a boat-load of friends last night.
After we dropped them off at the theater, we were contemplating
where to go to grab a bite to eat. Within close proximity to the theater
were a bunch of cool places -

a Cuban restaurant
a Mediterranean restaurant
and a Vietnamese restaurant

We opted for Vietnamese. We had Garrin with us so we knew he would adapt to
any cuisine....he's just good like that. Sort of like my nephew Matthew. Eats
anything! So we haven't had Vietnamese in forever. There was an amazing
restaurant we would frequent back east....and that kind of spoiled it for us.
We've been hesitant ever since - kind of thinking there would never be
a place that compared.
We ordered spring rolls - fresh ones and fried ones. Mmm. Every bit
as good as the ones we remembered! Garrin wanted spaghetti so the
closest we could get to that was rice vermicelli noodles with pork "meatballs" and beef.
Bill ordered a pancake...which he has been craving for I don't know how long!
I was going for something spicy.

I chose Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup. I ordered the beef one which was super
spicy. The waitress looked at me and with all seriousness asked me -

"Do you want that Vietnamese style with the pigs feet and the blood?"

I looked at her and said -


No Pho-kin way lady.

All was good. In the end, a great meal with my guys.
And a new restaurant to go back too.
I've suddenly got the urge to roll around in the mud.
I'll see ya' tomorrow!!

Things that really make you stop....

and go WTF??? ..........hmmmmmmmm.

It's no secret that I really like living here.
The weather.
The landscape.
Yadda yadda yadda....

Speaking of landscape.
Landscaping, actually.
Bill and I both love the LOW maintenance of
desert landscaping. And who doesn't love a palm tree??

I stole this picture off my sister's photo gallery found this picture
of when our front landscaping first went in right after we moved into this house.
We had to have a palm tree and opted for one that we could
actually afford without taking out a third mortgage on the house.....

oh, wait a sec.
The third mortgage was for the pool and the backyard,
so let's call it a fourth mortgage....

anyhoo. the photo.

And here is our beloved palm tree - 3 years and 4 months laterI know, I know...
holy fricken $hit!!!

So OK - I love palm trees....

Imagine my surprise when I came upon this beauty last week,
across the street from the entrance to our community.
Yeah, exactly what I said - WTF?

A plastic palm tree

fake planted

in the ground.
It even looks fake from far away.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Driving home.
Pulling up to my community.
Getting ready to hit the button to open the gate.

Hello??.....WTF is THIS?
An even MORE fake looking palm tree.

Planted right the hell next to the other one.
Who did this?
And what was laced in the crack they were smoking?

Wednesday, August 12


Today I thought of a few things, all that money
could buy.

1. A week's stay, for two, airfare and hotel included to Tortola. Beachfront
room. Airport transfer and taxes, included.

2. 2 years worth of monthly mani's or pedi' at your favorite Asian
salon, tip included. Little painted cutesy flowers included, too!

3. 30 bi-weekly visits from Merry Maid's including 2 seasonal window
washing's in and out.

4. A boob job.

5. 3 consecutive weeks stay at The Bellagio, Las Vegas,
no food included.

6. 2 years of Season Passes for a family of 5 to Disneyland, Anaheim, CA.

7. 1 medium sized Hermes of Paris Kelly handbag.

8. A 1977 used Mercury Cougar XR7 on e-Bay.

9. 43 months of my pool-guy.

10. Samsung 55inch - 1080p, 240 Hz, LCD-LED HDTV
Model number: UN55B8000 that Bill saw over at Best Buy
that he wants. Him kissing my ass for a year for letting him get it, included.

or still included.

You could dress her in $hit-covered farmer jeans
and she'd still be gorgeous.

Tuesday, August 11

Take Me Back Tuesday

With the upcoming birthday of both of my Leo's...
(you ever live with 2, .......count them..........., 2 Leos'????)
Bill on Sunday
Connor on Monday,

I am dedicating my Take Me Back Tuesday this week to them.
Yup...Bill's first birthday!!

and his clone....
helping bake a cake for HIS first birthday.

It's like I wasn't even part of the DNA Determination.....

Monday, August 10

When anxiety disorders pay off....

I just recently asked someone if they thought Type A people
had a tendency to be OCD as well.
It is definitely something to ponder when you've got a few minutes.
And I, obviously, only HAD a few minutes to think about it of course,
being that I think I am a good 50/50 mix
of Type A and OCD. I had things to do, so I couldn't ponder too long.

A Good Mix.

I said good because someone VERY SMART in the field of
OCD said to me once, that it isn't a problem until it starts disrupting your daily life.
I feel it only ENHANCES my daily life.

Like when I open my pantry and everything is in order.
The cans are all separated, fruits on one side, veggies on the other.
All labels facing forward, stacked perfectly according to size.

Or when I open my linen closet and my towels are all folded neatly and in
the same direction, according to thickness, absorbency, color of course,
and size. Wash cloths, hand towels, bath get me.

I also enjoy the "trying to trick myself".
For instance, putting the honey back in the pantry with the back label
facing forward. I really try to get the pantry door closed without fixing it,
but never can. I re-open and re-adjust....always with a chuckle.
Trying to fold a towel with the seam on the outside....
same thing...I try but never succeed. I feel good about that.

So this past weekend, I organized a local meet the swim team was hosting.
All the stress leading up to the weekend, quite normal......because everything
needs to be perfect.

I took time to shoot a couple pictures of my most favorite time of
organizing a swim meet.
Almost like opening the pantry doors or the linen closet doors........

The early morning hours, right before the rush of kids arrive.
Before the meet starts, I actually get to look on deck,
at everything my OCD and Type A stand for.


As a side note I MUST add, that a few of my "crew members" also
possess similar anxiety disorders as well......who needs a doctor
when you've got such good, good friends????