Tuesday, July 28

We are OUTTA HERE!!!

Headed to Mission Viejo, California
where the weather is going to be sunny, mid eighties during the day,
a chilly sixty degrees at night.
Five full days. Preliminary swims in the morning -
with (the hopes of) swimming finals in the evening...every day!

This IS


LaAna said...

Good luck out there and break a fin!!!

Debbie Senior said...

You go family. We are so proud of all of you. Hanna I know you are going to be wonderful:)

Debbie said...

Good luck Hannah! We are so proud of you! You rock! And you have a fabulous family who have been right by your side the whole time!

SwimMomTrish said...

Yippie Frickin' Skippy !! All long course season the kids work towards this !!! They are gonna SHINE !!!

Denise said...

whootwhoot! good luck, H.