Thursday, July 16

A Thought for Thursday

Without going into too much detail,
which actually translates to: if I really start talking about this,
I won't shut up,
but I have been wondering about this for awhile.

Long story short.
I've made it no secret that I've wanted to lose weight.
Finally I have been successful.
Thank f**king heaven.
I recently went for my yearly "exam". The female one.
Not a lot of women are, but I happen to be in love with my gynecologist.
He has been through a LOT with me and aside from my husband,
I don't know anyone who has been more supportive of me regarding my
health and well being. He has known me for a lot of years and has always
understood that I have had an issue with my weight. While he has been in
disagreement with me - he's been there to listen to my bitching.


At my appointment, he told me he thought I was obsessed.
no shit Sherlock
That seems so UN-like me.
And I explained to him that, while I may want to look and feel a certain way,
I need to set a good, healthy example for my daughter. I have never projected
my own negative body image on Hannah or in front of Hannah. But this is something
extremely important, especially at the age she is right now.
THAT he understood.

Which brings me to my point,
or my Thought
for today.

I am curious.

Do you think that more people,
men or women - it doesn't matter,
think they look
than they actually do?
You've got to wonder, with the obesity rate what it is.

I happen to be in the WORSE category.
Probably always have been,
probably always will.

And I've seen all..
I've seen thin and fit people who think they are heavy.
Heavy people who think they are thin.
And others who just don't care or think about it.

For me personally, it fortunately has no affect on other
aspects of my life.
It's a "head" thing, though no matter your size.
It's what's in your own mind.
And that's why it is my Thought for Thursday.


Liz said...

Sometimes I see pictures of myself and say "wow, I have gotten SO fat. I don't FEEL like I look that big!"
Other times I see pictures and say "wow, I looked really pretty."
So - it comes and goes.
For the most part, though, as I get older, I feel and look better than I probably deserve to. :)

katt said...

I think it is about 50/50 - there are a lot of folks out there who think they look better than they do (3X bikini?) and just as many who think they look worse than they do (Karen Carpenter?). A trip to Lake Mead or a walk down the strip is testament enough.

There are some who don't care as well -- I think they are lucky. To be that comfortable in your own skin, no matter your appearance (within reason, of course), would be a nice place to be.

Kim said...

It's definitely a head thing.

I've been on both sides of the equation at different times in my life. Wouldn't mind landing somewhere in the middle one of these days.

LaAna said...

We're all a little crazy about one thing or another in our lives..... unfortunately for me I suffer from to high self esteem and think, "Hey, I'm a little cushy.... so what! I still look good!" But I know I SOULD be saying, "Get your fat BUTT in gear and lose the weight already!!!"
Balance my friend, balance. Once one of you finds it - let me know.