Thursday, July 2

A Thought for Thursday

Have you ever wanted something so bad, it hurts?
Hurts inside you, just for a sec.
Maybe you feel your heart skip a beat?
Or, maybe you catch your breath real quick?
Feel even a little panic-stricken?

I have become acutely aware of this feeling lately.
This may sound completely ridiculous, but this is when I feel "it".

When I click on USA Swimming to see if Hannah is still ranked number 2
in the United States for 11 year olds swimming the mile. There are two more months
to go before the final times are recorded.
I want this for her so badly. I want this more than anything I could ever want for myself
right now.

And for a minute,
because that is how long this feeling comes over me,
it feels good to feel selfless.
In that one minute,
I am consciously aware of these feelings.
Selflessness is good for the soul.


Denise said...

Selflessness IS good for the soul! Keep us posted on the stats and, in the meantime, we will keep our fingers crossed! XO

Liz said...

Is she crying in that first picture?
That even broke my heart!!!

Love the pictures - love the feeling you speak of. :)