Tuesday, July 21

Take Me Back Tuesday

In honor of Hannah's birthday yesterday, I searched the "archives"
of REAL photos - non-digital of course,
for a photo of one her birthday parties.

Here is her 2nd.
July 1999

I booked a party in Essex, Connecticut.
Everyone rode on the Steam Train
and then we transferred over to a ride on a Steam Boat
down the Connecticut River, enjoying birthday cake.
I remember it being very hot and very humid.
No one cared. It was fun and it was different!

I came across this photo also, which has always been one of my all time
favorite pictures of Hannah.
Blue, blue eyes.
And naturally curly blond hair.

She really hasn't changed much.
And she's still smiling!!!!


Liz said...

Happy B-day Hot Stuff!

Denise said...

So adorable - then and now!

Kim said...

Love both of those pictures! Look at Amanda and Olivia, too. They were all so little...

And yes, it was stinking hot and muggy that day! But fun nonetheless!

Debbie said...

I love those pictures! Hannah you are gorgeous!

Hannah said...

I'm so cuteee!!!!!