Tuesday, July 7

If I had to name.....

let's say.....the FOUR very best things from
our trip to Disneyland
(because naming the top 100 things would really bore you
and you might flit off to some other blog that is more exciting...)
they would be FOUR things you would not expect.

They would be FOUR things that didn't even happen ON the trip.
Here we go.

#1 Watching my daughter sleep soundly and peacefully, the morning after our
arrival home, knowing she could miss morning swim workout.

#2 Watching my son fix pancakes for breakfast knowing he was missing school
because of our late arrival home.
#3 Watching my other son, play with his most treasured items from our visit -
Wall-E and Eve.........they actually profess their love for one another,
as he professes his love for both of them.

4. Knowing that the investment Bill and I made for annual passes for all of us
for Disneyland, can have us going back for more of the Happiest Place on Earth,
anytime we want for the next year!

The following is a pictoral of our visit.
No words necessary.

(how 'bout that "unknown" flare shot I got!! ??)


Anonymous said...

I'm first. . . do I win a prize !!! Great shots Gini !! Love how you put them together !! You are blessed to be so blessed and the great thing about you is that you appreciate that !!!

Carol Lelles said...

So much fun and not a pool in sight - way to go guys! Thanks for sharing.

LaAna said...

I LOVE the new blog look! I miss being able to jump over to Disneyland for a visit. So much fun to be had. Once again your shots are AMAZING!!!

iVegasFamily said...

Looks like you all took in all things Disney. I can't wait for our boys to get a little older so we can make more of our trips to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Kim said...

Looks and sounds like a fabulous vacation - just what the Dr. ordered.

Glad to see you guys had such a fun time, especially on the first day home.

Liz said...

OMG - awesome trip, packed with great family fun followed by relaxing family downtime.
I wanna move in with you.
Will you adopt me?

Denise said...

Awesome family, awesome trip and, as always, awesome photos! XO

Emily said...

Hey Gini,

How do you make those photo collages? We're still in California, headed back to Disneyland today and I can't sign into my account!

Gini said...

Emily - Picasa. When you get home, if you have a problem figuring it out, let me know.

You are STILL THERE??? :)