Sunday, July 12

I mean, really....

he had a busy weekend.
Who wouldn't need a nap?
  • novice meet Friday night
  • cleaned the house Saturday to get ready for
  • Hannah's friends arrival to initiate the two week-long celebration for her birthday and
  • Connor's friend over to play and spend the night
  • spend a morning with one of my B.F.F.'s organizing our OCD/Type A lives for the next month
  • pizza and cake
  • pancakes and bagels
  • swimming and sunning
  • barbecuing and napping

As often as Bill teases me that every weekday IS a weekend for me,

I don't get to spend the weekdays with my family all together. Today ROCKED.


n said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun!!! I love to keep going. I love a clean house too...
love to you, n

Anonymous said...

OCD friends are the best type. . . because we know each other and laugh at our OCDness !!!! Scary hu? We should be organizing world peace. . . we would have it all mapped out !!! Gotta over our hubbies for putting up with us . . hu?????

Anonymous said...

that would be LOVE our hubbies . . .you would think my plane was going down and I couldn't type !!!

Denise said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!!


Kim said...

Craziness....I'm tired just reading all that.

He looks like a little angel.