Thursday, July 30

2 races today....

200 meter freestyle

50 meter breaststroke

Took time off each race.
Great day for Hannah.
I couldn't have hoped for more!

Wednesday, July 29

100 Meter Butterfly

Tuesday, July 28

We are OUTTA HERE!!!

Headed to Mission Viejo, California
where the weather is going to be sunny, mid eighties during the day,
a chilly sixty degrees at night.
Five full days. Preliminary swims in the morning -
with (the hopes of) swimming finals in the evening...every day!

This IS

Monday, July 27

A Great Ending

There is always one sign,
Bill and I consider, that our party was a success.

Proof of a great party!!!
We thank all of our friends that helped us celebrate
Hannah's birthday and just hang out and have an amazing
time with other amazing people.

We just supply the venue.
Our friends are what makes the party - A PARTY!
And for that we are extremely grateful and blessed.

For those that do not have a Facebook - because pictures and a video
are circulating everywhere, here is a slideshow of how the day went.
Thanks to Trisha for taking some awesome pictures!! Love ya' girl!

As an added side note:
Yes, I know - one of the tiles hanging in my family room is crooked and every time
I see it, I wince.....
The windows are spotted from all of the water fights outside....

I sometimes HATE being TypeA.
Only sometimes, though.

Thursday, July 23

A Thought for Thursday


It is totally cRaZy that I scrub my floors BEFORE I have a party.
It is totally cRaZy that I didn't schedule my landscaper AND pool boy (tee hee)
to come more toward the weekend. More work for Bill.
It is totally cRaZy that I am disappointed that only 75 people are coming.
It is totally cRaZy that I actually invited 75 people to come.
It is totally cRaZy that I booked my Friday with un-related party duties.
It is totally cRaZy that I want to play all the games that the kids will be playing
on Saturday!!!
It is totally cRaZy that I secretly wish the East Coasters are getting on a
plane Saturday morning!!!
It is totally cRaZy that I haven't returned my friend Gail's table that I
borrowed for my last party......guess I don't have to ask her for it!
It is totally cRazy that I love when it is cRaZy here!!!!!

**My straight-jacket size is a small, when it comes time.**

Wednesday, July 22

I hate it when...

......Connor obviously forgets his brain,
in the jar that sits on his nightstand.

Case in point, Monday of this week,
about 15 minutes prior to giving his Biography Report oral presentation,
in his classroom.

Let's rewind to almost 3 months ago when Connor did THIS report.
He pretty much prepared for this one in the same manner.
But Connor is Connor, right??

Trust me when I say, if there was any way possible to document
the following story in pictures, I would have, but that would
have reallllllly pissed off Connor, so I will try to re-iterate what words. It may not come out nearly as funny as it was,
but I'll give it a shot.

Connor did his biography report on Walt Disney.
(Please don't even say or THINK, what I have already said silently to myself -
he looks a little like Hitler..........) dammit.


The kids were allowed to dress in their outfits after lunch.
But Connor had to have his hair glued into postition slicked back
like Uncle Walt wore his, before he left for school.

I planned on bringing his outfit in and helping him change,
at about 2:15.
Well, as soon as I got there, Miss Fischer informed me that Connor hadn't
really been himself all day - assuming it was the hair.......spike-less. I know
what she is saying, for sure.

So we head toward the bathrooms. Connor has on traditional school attire.
Navy round neck shirt, khaki shorts.

So I hand him the dress pants and the white button up dress shirt.
I said to him - "Put on the pants and shirt, and come out and I will help you with the
tie and the jacket."

He comes out with the white shirt OVER the navy - shirt unbuttoned.
Everything below the waist is still on - hands me the dress pants and says,

"I can't get these on over my sneakers!"


So I said "Connor....(through clenched teeth) Go back in the bathroom,
take your clothes and shoes off and put on the shirt and pants. Come out,
and we will put on the tie and jacket."

He comes out, dress pants on,
and the dress shirt


So I said "Connor.......(now I am spitting slightly) HOW did you get this shirt
on INSIDE OUT and then

So he keeps insisting it is fine.
I am insisting that I cannot CLIP on the tie with the shirt inside out.
Yes, you can.
No, I can't.
over and over and over

So a teacher I know, comes over and tells Connor to take the shirt off
while she holds up the jacket in front of him, so no one can see his

And I am wishing to myself that hopefully no one could see his

This was surely one of those days when you say
"Where is HIS BRAIN?"

Regardless - He ROCKED IT when it came time to do the report.
and I ROCKED IT making sure he looked......I don't know.....
like he actually cared.

Tuesday, July 21

Take Me Back Tuesday

In honor of Hannah's birthday yesterday, I searched the "archives"
of REAL photos - non-digital of course,
for a photo of one her birthday parties.

Here is her 2nd.
July 1999

I booked a party in Essex, Connecticut.
Everyone rode on the Steam Train
and then we transferred over to a ride on a Steam Boat
down the Connecticut River, enjoying birthday cake.
I remember it being very hot and very humid.
No one cared. It was fun and it was different!

I came across this photo also, which has always been one of my all time
favorite pictures of Hannah.
Blue, blue eyes.
And naturally curly blond hair.

She really hasn't changed much.
And she's still smiling!!!!

Monday, July 20

Even on her birthday...

.....she still got up at 5:30 a.m. to
be to morning workout,
with a smile on her face.
oh and by the way....
The back of her shorts say
"It's cute how slow you are"
That's my Hannah.
Happy 12th!

Friday, July 17

It's a girl thing.

I, for once in a long time, was not having a stressful week. How unusual
that without stress, I still felt like I needed something. I needed a "fix".

So on Wednesday, mid-morning, I visited one of my favorite websites,
If you have never paid a visit to this "Heaven.On.The.Internet",
you are a girl,
you like a great deal,
and you like immediate satisfaction,

And while the mall is lovely,
this Online Utopia is without
grumpy faces
bargaining items such as bought cookies, toys and the like.

It is just you, your laptop and pages upon pages of
Sheer Nirvana.

Shoes and Handbags.
You feel me, girls????
Well look-ie here. On my doorstep....
yah - THE NEXT DAY!!
Oh yeah, baby.

Hmmm......wonder what is in here???

Yes Denise. Yes it is. A Big Buddha Bag.

Oh.....hee's in Purple!!!!!
FAB.ulous. Purple and Big and Buddha-ful!!!! Nice.

Wait, there's more.......SHOES.


To make my short ass a little taller.
So tell me why.
Why is this WAYYY better than a big, ooey, gooey, hot fudge sundae??
That's right. The shoes don't hang off my thighs in ripples......

Thursday, July 16

A Thought for Thursday

Without going into too much detail,
which actually translates to: if I really start talking about this,
I won't shut up,
but I have been wondering about this for awhile.

Long story short.
I've made it no secret that I've wanted to lose weight.
Finally I have been successful.
Thank f**king heaven.
I recently went for my yearly "exam". The female one.
Not a lot of women are, but I happen to be in love with my gynecologist.
He has been through a LOT with me and aside from my husband,
I don't know anyone who has been more supportive of me regarding my
health and well being. He has known me for a lot of years and has always
understood that I have had an issue with my weight. While he has been in
disagreement with me - he's been there to listen to my bitching.


At my appointment, he told me he thought I was obsessed.
no shit Sherlock
That seems so UN-like me.
And I explained to him that, while I may want to look and feel a certain way,
I need to set a good, healthy example for my daughter. I have never projected
my own negative body image on Hannah or in front of Hannah. But this is something
extremely important, especially at the age she is right now.
THAT he understood.

Which brings me to my point,
or my Thought
for today.

I am curious.

Do you think that more people,
men or women - it doesn't matter,
think they look
than they actually do?
You've got to wonder, with the obesity rate what it is.

I happen to be in the WORSE category.
Probably always have been,
probably always will.

And I've seen all..
I've seen thin and fit people who think they are heavy.
Heavy people who think they are thin.
And others who just don't care or think about it.

For me personally, it fortunately has no affect on other
aspects of my life.
It's a "head" thing, though no matter your size.
It's what's in your own mind.
And that's why it is my Thought for Thursday.

Wednesday, July 15

Nothin' says "Summer Break" like...

hanging out with your friends,

watching tv

listening to music

surfing on the computer

swimming in the pool

painting your nails with your BFF..............

even if THAT particular BFF's name is


Tuesday, July 14

Take Me Back Tuesday

If you are one to believe through your religion that you are born into this world with
original sin, I am one-upping that, because when you are born into an Italian family
you are also born with Guilt. While original sin leaves you with Baptism,
Guilt remains by your side - your whole frigging life.
Isn't that great??

Just wanted to start my TMBT with that little bit.
Oh yeah....the photo.....

May first, 2005
Hannah's First Communion
And fairly close to our Last time in church.

Shame on me.
(can you feel the guilt just oozing out of the computer screen????)


Hey look. A family shot. Connor was adorable. Hannah was beautiful.
Bill - well, he can just go screw.......'cause he looks.....I don't know??


As for me - hey...cute short hair, huh??? Oh, and I was preggo with Garrin.
About 4 months. Not bad.

Did I mention Bill looks HOT?

Monday, July 13

I'm gonna go blind if I'm not careful

With the spectacular sunsets we've been experiencing lately,
the mornings have been just as glorious.
Monsoon season here means, bright, gorgeous, sunny,
practically cloudless mornings, followed by stormy,
threatening but often uneventful evenings.

My camera always comes with me in the morning when I bring Hannah
to the pool for her it really six o'clock?? workout.

What does this all mean? Awesome flare shots.
Although I am seeing spots as I type this,
I think some of these are pretty cool.

This flag at our post office, was supposed to be a flare shot.
It didn't quite work out that way, but I thought it came out kind of cool,
just the same.

This stop sign - again. Not how I would have wanted it,
but I like it as well.
(and I learned how to add those little lens flare thingys...)

I leave with this thought for a Monday morning.

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine.”

(Morris West)

Sunday, July 12

I mean, really....

he had a busy weekend.
Who wouldn't need a nap?
  • novice meet Friday night
  • cleaned the house Saturday to get ready for
  • Hannah's friends arrival to initiate the two week-long celebration for her birthday and
  • Connor's friend over to play and spend the night
  • spend a morning with one of my B.F.F.'s organizing our OCD/Type A lives for the next month
  • pizza and cake
  • pancakes and bagels
  • swimming and sunning
  • barbecuing and napping

As often as Bill teases me that every weekday IS a weekend for me,

I don't get to spend the weekdays with my family all together. Today ROCKED.

Friday, July 10

Anybody see this??

The past couple of nights, the sunsets have been pretty spectacular.

This is a typical summer night in the desert.
One of the reasons we love it here.

Thursday, July 9

A Thought for Thursday

Today was Garrin's last day of school.
When I had this blog post planned out in my head this morning -
I was going to focus on the word- ENTRUST.
That is an important word for is defined each time my kids go off
to a new school year.
'giving someone responsibility for something'

That's hard for a parent. Trusting someone else with your children.

But as I was filling out a card I bought his teacher last night,
I thought instead I would leave you with this thought.....
the cover of the card,
one I considered extremely appropriate.


Mrs. Carnably truly means the world to Garrin.
How often can you say that about a teacher?

Wednesday, July 8

and I thought MY memory was failing........

apparently Connor's isn't so good either.......


This is scotch-taped to my pantry doors,
which, as a TypeA, I'm am just crazed about.
Notes belong on a bulletin board,
not my pantry doors.

But seeing as Connor thinks it is very important
to eat oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow,
who am I to let my lunatic tendencies override his need?

Tuesday, July 7

If I had to name.....

let's say.....the FOUR very best things from
our trip to Disneyland
(because naming the top 100 things would really bore you
and you might flit off to some other blog that is more exciting...)
they would be FOUR things you would not expect.

They would be FOUR things that didn't even happen ON the trip.
Here we go.

#1 Watching my daughter sleep soundly and peacefully, the morning after our
arrival home, knowing she could miss morning swim workout.

#2 Watching my son fix pancakes for breakfast knowing he was missing school
because of our late arrival home.
#3 Watching my other son, play with his most treasured items from our visit -
Wall-E and Eve.........they actually profess their love for one another,
as he professes his love for both of them.

4. Knowing that the investment Bill and I made for annual passes for all of us
for Disneyland, can have us going back for more of the Happiest Place on Earth,
anytime we want for the next year!

The following is a pictoral of our visit.
No words necessary.

(how 'bout that "unknown" flare shot I got!! ??)