Friday, June 19

You asked, You got it.

August 20th, and the weather was warm and the humidity,
well it was there but you really didn't mind it.
We were near the ocean, and when you are there,
nothing matters. It could be overcast and sprinkling,
and it would still be awesome.

The name of the place we were staying was
The Sanford Covill House.
A bed and breakfast we'd stayed before
and fell in love with....
while we fell in love.
It was a given that the wedding would be there.

A few months of planning was all it took.
The local caterer, local photographer,
local florist.
Met with them and booked them on one of many
trips to Newport RI. One of our favorite weekend getaways.

How exciting just thinking about all of the amazing photos
that would be taken that day! The house was situated right on the bay,
a beautiful backdrop for a few, but formal wedding shots.
And exciting was an understatement when it came to the food
selection. We were thrilled with our choices and
couldn't wait for those near and dear to us,
to partake in it all.

A few of the 65 we had invited were staying at the bed and
breakfast with us. As we all headed down the ornate Victorian staircase
that morning, breakfast was waiting for us in the dining room.
This had always been a favorite of Bill and mine.
Eating breakfast with strangers, finding out where
they were from, why they were there, and how they'd
come to love this house as we did. And this was the place
I had discovered hot, fresh cornbread muffins...with corn kernels
tucked inside.

That staircase.....LOVED IT. I think I must have taken a hundred
pictures of it beforehand. I envisioned myself walking down that
staircase, in my off-white off the shoulder dress plain but elegant,
with my sister by my side, to greet my husband to be.

The classical band scheduled to play, had just entered,
and I knew that we'd chosen the perfect spot for them to set up
and entertain everyone. WOW. It was all coming together.
And it was moving along faster than I imagined.

And that's when I woke up from this wonderful dream of what
my wedding was GOING to be like.
No really.
That is totally what we planned.
(and paid for........)

Shit happens,
and you elope.

or WE elope.

And that is quite a story in itself.
So we call the wedding in RI off.
We just looked at each other one day and said,
"Screw it. Screw all this stress. Bottom line. We want to be married."

So we booked airline tickets to Florida.
We'd been to Key West and decided we were going to get
married by some Jimmy-Buffet-Wanna-Be-Justice of the Peace
on the beach
So there.

August 24th.

That was the day.
That was the day
that Hurricane Andrew wiped out
Southern Florida.
And wiped out any plans for us to be down there.

So literally,
in about 20 minutes of planning, we
...found round trip tickets to Cancun, including hotel for $326 per person
....called a local Justice of the Peace.
....called the Blacksmith's Tavern in Glastonbury, CT and asked for a private dining
room for 9 on the Thursday evening before we were scheduled to fly to Mexico
....appeared before a judge in Glastonbury to waive the waiting period necessary
to get a marriage license.
.........found a cute white dress in my closet to wear.
......called those close to us to invite them to dinner, under the pretense
that we needed to talk to them.
........rented Bill a tux.

Showed up that night.
Shocked the shit out of everyone.
Got married.
Called it a wedding.
August 27th, 1992

End of Story.

Start of a Great Life.


The Groom said...

I would not have had it any other way!! It started our married life off just perfect.. elegant and simple, realistic and honest.. still to this day.

Cancun was the best part.. $326.00 per person, beach front, ocean view for a week including airfare!! Not bad...

The best thing I ever did in life... was going after you.

love you.....

Debbie said...

What a great story...thanks for sharing!

LaAna said...

Now there's a STORY! Looks like you made the right choice and still going strong.

Kim said...

Love that story - funny that I had forgotten a lot of it.

That staircase was absolutely gorgeous, but just think - you wouldn't have had nearly the same great story to tell!

Liz said...

Love it.
You two are great. :)

Denise said...

Love the story and love you guys!

Debbie Sr. said...

That story is amazing. I love life's stories. Thank you for sharing!