Wednesday, June 24

What Photoshop CAN'T do.

Make this photo of Bill and our kids any better than it already is.

Trust me when I say, I looked online for a tutorial on how to change the kids
hair and eye color to match mine, because that would have been funny.
Bottom line is.
I am in love with this picture. Period.
So I left it the heck alone.

With a family portrait not on my list of top ten things that needs to get done
professionally right now, but on my list of top 100 things that I'd like to do eventually
- right next to actually fold and hang the clean laundry instead of letting it
pile up in baskets,
I took on the job myself.....amateurishly.

I decided since we were actually
(yup...say it with me .....alllllll together)
on Father's Day, it would be the perfect opportunity.
We headed to the park and I shot away.
And for a change, I was A-OK with the lack of cooperation, at times.
I am too much of a grump sometimes, when it comes to stuff like that.
Felt good to lighten up a bit.

No shots of the five of us all together,
but overall
of very beautiful pictures
of my very beautiful family.


Liz said...

Great shot of the 4 of them. That girl of yours has a gorgeous smile. Very natural and pretty!

And your 3 guys are so handsome.

I don't blame you for leaving it alone - it's perfect!

Denise said...

Post more of the pictures you took! I love you and your family A LOT. XO

Kim said...

Beautiful pictures - no Photoshop needed! Well, except maybe you could insert yourself into that picture!

BTW, loving Bill's blond hair!

LaAna said...

Those 'lack of cooperation' photos are some of the best. They always seem to capture the true spirit and personality. BEAUTIFUL!

erica said...

Great photos, but you do need one of all of you....use the timer!!!