Wednesday, July 1

The Weather

It has been so.....unusually pleasant
here, weather-wise, lately. Not even hitting 100.
Crazy enough to make all of us who live here,
say - What is UP with that??

Hannah and I then took our trip to California, where the weather
was just plain old glorious. Breezy and sunny during the day,
with a little chill in the air at night. Cool enough to have brought a sweater
or sweatshirt along for sure. You can bet we will all be packing a little
something to throw on for our Disneyland trip!

Well, while we were gone, the temps hit, where they were supposed to hit.
The pool temp, right along with the air temp, rose right up to a bath-like 90 degrees.
Just how I like it!

Along with the steamier HOTNESS around here, comes monsoon season.
The continual threat of afternoon thunderstorms,
though it rarely amounts to anything measurable in rainfall.
And the constant reminders about flash floods.

Today I was leaving to pick up Connor and grabbed my camera on the way out the door.

You could just tell by the way the clouds where rolling on in,
that we were gonna get a little somethin' somethin'.

Darker and darker the sky's became.
I just LOVE storm clouds.
I knew Connor would be thrilled to get some photos while we drove home.

And that's just what he did......
all the while
capturing some pictures


himself, of course.
I laughed my butt off when I downloaded them onto the computer.
Had to include one here, and trust me when I say,
they were all pretty fricken funny!

Back to the brewing storm.
It sprinkled for about 8 seconds.
With the temperatures right where they should be,
we start to see quite a difference in our landscaping.
If you can imagine, on a daily basis, the plants practically
gasping for water. They take a beating.

Bill was telling me to check out his MOST FAVORITE FLOWERING PLANT
that is in the backyard.

the Passion plant

It's a viney plant that has literally attached itself to everything around it,
and it is in bloom right now.
It is such a delicate plant that I don't know how it has survived this long
as it is. Maybe it "feels the love" every time Bill goes out to check on it.

It IS quite beautiful.

Bill has good taste, doesn't he?

Good to see nature enjoying this heat,
as much as we do!
I love summer!!!!!!


Liz said...

I love summer, too.
And the way you describe the desert almost makes me want to live there.
We love to talk about moving - where we could go, where we could afford, what we would look for and my husband always talks HOT. Not sure why. Maybe it's the snow removal that gets him down.
I love my 4 seasons.
But I am always open to a new adventure!
Florida, Texas... who knows?! :)

Kim said...

Gorgeous pictures - nice job, Connor! Especially the one you took of yourself!

That passion plant is just stunning.

You do get the most awesome views of storms rolling across the valley. Love that!

Denise said...

The weather here has been unusually CRAPPY! Its been raining since April. Uugh.

Beautiful pictures, as usual!