Thursday, June 18

A Thought for Thursday


I love the word humble. I remember it as a kid. I even vaguely remember feeling
that my mother wanted us to know that we should feel humbled at times. Though
she never came right out and said those exact words, it was most certainly implied.

and I am

I am most definitely humbled
by many things.

"He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking."
Lisa Edmondson


Debbie Sr. said...

I love love love that picture.

And as I reflect on my brothers birthday and your blog about your mother. I realize that God needed your mother and my brother for something very special.

But God is kind, and before He called them, he left us with wonderful memories and wonderful lessons learned.

For that I am eternaly grateful.

Your mother is so proud of you she could just burst. Know that and remember that.

They are gone from this earth but not from our lives.

You are a very good women.

Bill said...

Debbie SR.,

What a beautiful message, as Gini's husband... her one wish is to be able to hear her mothers praise in the way she raised our children. Your words will mean a lot to Gini, XO

ps.. we miss you guys!!

Trisha said...

Absolutely STUNNING photo !!!! Enoungh said !!!

Liz said...

Gorgeous photo. That boy looks just like his daddy.
I can't compete with Debbie Sr.'s comment so "that's all I've got to say about that".

Kim said...

Great quote, and love the picture.

Humility is such an important character trait. Sometimes it takes a little push to humble you (like my visit from the gutter guy), but it always feels so good when it happens.

Denise said...

Right on, you LB! As usual, gorgeous picture.