Thursday, June 11

THAT'S gonna leave a mark.

It was about 11:30 at night and Bill and I were sitting at the kitchen counter
on our laptops, when all of a sudden we heard a car pretty much
"racing" up the street that runs to no where, right behind our house.
I mean literally right behind our back wall is a street that is between our yard
and the mountain. We still don't know why the street is there
other than the free City of Henderson lighting it provides us for
night time parties, bright obnoxious, street lamp albeit, but free lighting, nonetheless.

Back on point. This car is going all out, pedal to the medal up the street,
and then we hear a crash that shook the house a little. As we fly up and out of our seats
and out to the back yard, we hear squealing tires and the car retreats at high speed
back down the road.

So we are trying to see WHAT this car hit...another car, rocks, the block wall...
OUR block wall....
It kinda, sorta looked like it was the block wall on the other side of the street,
so I went yesterday and looked.

So, just a couple questions popped into my head.

one - How did one actually DRIVE AWAY from this?
two - Assuming it was a young kid/young adult driving,
did they try to sneak the car back into the garage that night?

What the heck?


LaAna said...

Now THAT'S gonna definitely leave a mark! If the block wall looks like that then I can only imagine the damage to the car. CrAzY!!!

Liz said...

Wow. That's a crazy story.
So- it was not your wall, correct?
Wow. Nevermind the human body - how did the CAR drive away??? CRAZY

Denise said...


Kim said...

That's unbelievable....

That car had to be pretty badly messed up.