Tuesday, June 30

Take Me Back Tuesday

With our short, but exciting upcoming trip to Disneyland a few days away,
here is a take-me-back from 8 years ago.

A few, quick things to note.

**Bill is well on his way to a second intervention for anorexia.
**Garrin will be on this ride with Bill because
a. the rest of us will be on the California Screamin' roller coaster
b. this is about as adventurous as Bill gets on theme park rides
**Connor's hair color in this photo is now Bill's new hair color
(you go with your bad self, Bill!)
**Hannah's one hand in the air, will now be used for something else:

"OMGeee! I m on a rllrcoster rit now! Txt me bk. LOL!"


Liz said...

You're so funny - this is an adorable picture - your kiddos are precious.

Denise said...

Agreed! You are hysterical. I love you!!

Kim said...

Too cute! Gosh, Hannah has changed so, so much. Connor too, but harder to see in this pic.

I'm hella-jealous of all the fabulous rides you guys will be going on. Have extra fun for me!

Debbie said...

Love the picture and I love the new blog design. Have fun on your vacation!