Wednesday, June 17


Things have pretty much been a whirlwind around here lately.
A lot going on, so much so that my thoughts are just
swirling in my head.
So I'm planning on taking a mental dump right about now,
here on my blog.

Don't feel like reading while I go on about nothing in particular??
I won't take offense to you just going on to do whatever it is
you were doing before you landed here.

I'm going to start out with what's been sitting on the top of my priority list
the past little while or so - the swim teams swim meet that we were hosting.
Without much detail, I was in charge of organizing it from start to finish,
a first for me, a first for the team (having an actual "meet manager"). It consumed me,
to put it mildly. But after it was all said and done - it was a great success because of the
goodness of each and every person that stepped forward to help me. And I know how
lucky I truly am, to have been surrounded by people who supported me in what I
wanted to accomplish. FORTUNATE. PRIVILEGED. BLESSED. Truly. I hope
everyone knows that of me.
Just look at this picture. I took it awhile back. I just love it. I just love this kid.
I love that he keeps it young, and fresh and new for us as parents. With the two older
ones, it is so easy to lose sight of the fun and concentrate on the serious. He has been the
saving grace for all of us, each and everyday without any of us realizing it..
until I sit here and write it....but nonetheless....

This all brings me to my next thing. About how "it" is about the kids.
Everything we do (Bill and I) is about the kids. The here and now. The future.

So we have had to make an very, very difficult executive decision.
We've decided to cancel our trip to Disney World. It has been weighing heavily on
our minds for sometime now, especially since Hannah was invited to go to Washington
D.C. for the Jr. National Young Leaders Conference. Money Management 101
kicked in and we started thinking priorities. Priorities SUCK sometimes, but setting
priorities help you live a good and honest life, which is what I want to teach
my children, right? So that trip in combination with a couple of large
swim meet trips to California over the summer, a legal matter pending
with an attorney on retainer (damn attorney's....), we need to do the right and responsible
thing. Hannah and Connor understood the reasoning without a second
explanation, without a moment of regret, without a sad face,
without hurt, without anger. My heart was full.

PTA meeting tonight and I am second guessing my decision to run
for a board position. I guess second guessing myself, whether or not
I can give it the 100 percent that I need to give it. There is a good possibility
that once I go to the meeting tonight, and I am back together with all
my friends, back in that environment, that desire of commitment
will come back to me. Speaking of school - Mr. Connor tracked back in today.He will be back in school now until August 7th. Poor kid. It's going to be a long
summer for school. Oh well, the price you pay for a good teacher.

And it seems like this time that he has spent at home, he's grown like 4 inches
or so. I whispered in Hannah's ear, that she better "LOOK OUT". "SLEEP WITH
ONE EYE OPEN, GIRL. Because everything you ever said or did to him, is
coming right back....and soon."

I've really been missing taking pictures. I say that like I'm some hot shot,
knowledgeable photographer, but I gotta tell ya', I really like messing with my camera.
I try to take it most places I go, but lately I've been a little lax in the picture taking
department. I need to find some time. It relaxes me...let alone the time I get
to spend with photoshop...

Here is a fairly recent flare shot
though one of my chimes in the backyard.
And speaking of flare obsession with this shot and this church steeple
is going to drive me crazy. Out of about 20 shots I haven't gotten it quite right yet.
Dammit. I drive by it every single morning at 6:30 am, after I've dropped off Hannah
at the pool for morning workout.
In the dictionary,
next to the word Commitment is my daughter's picture, without a doubt.
Since school got out,
not a peep out of her about having to get up at 5:45 to eat, get dressed, leave,
and get ready to get in the water by 6:30. She is not alone.
There are many others doing the same thing. Holy Dedication!
Other things floating through my mind -
well, my husband is blond now.
totally BLOND.

It's nice.
yeah, yeah
I like it really. It's a nice change. And speaking of change,
he's dropped a few pounds so he's entitled to a little added
"enhancement" now, isn't he??

And speaking of dropping a few pounds....
(wow, isn't it cool, how this is all just thing
into the next??)
I've dropped a few myself and I must admit that when I went to get
the greys dyed yesterday, and I sat in front of the
I actually wasn't repulsed at my reflection for the first time in a very
LONG time. I didn't ask to be IMMEDIATELY covered with the
Imagine that.

So there it is. My mind is free and clear now.
I can concentrate on the fact the upstairs is a pig-sty.
The laundry is way past being out of control.
I need to face THAT now,
can come to the realization that
the warm sunshine,
and the crystal blue water in my pool
that is beckoning me,
is going to have to wait for another day.

Our asses all need some clean underwear.


iVegasFamily said...

Wow...that's a whole lot of randomness. It's sounds like you're doing great.

Bill said...

wait... the underwear... that I have been wearing... are not clean?

Nice post babe!! Reality...

Our kids are miracles, each and every one of them. I agree, Garrin has brought a new meaning to the word LOVE into our home.

so... life goes on, plans change and we get older..

Our kids show us unconditional love and the understanding we hoped we taught them...

All of this, is what we call our life.


Sharon said...

Gini, I love that you see your "little guy" as a blessing. He warms my heart each and every day. He is so lucky to have such an awesome family! Glad all is well with you. The Magic Kingdom will always be there. Hell, my kids have NEVER been.

Don't give up on the PTA, they need you, we teachers need you!! Hang tough!

Bill said...

Sharon... He loves you too. Everyday when I get home from work I ask him about school.. then you. He smiles and smiles. Thank you for caring for him and making him feel loved...

Liz said...

That was an awesome Blog - LOVE that style, I feel refreshed FOR you!!
And I, too, have been ignoring my laundry lately - in favor of my yard.
It's good to be back to normal. :)

Kim said...

Great, great blog, Gin. I've got a lot to say in response...

1) Love that pic of Garrin - the look on his face is priceless.

2) As for your vacation, it sucks that you had to cancel, but the stress of going with worry hanging over your head would have made it less enjoyable. The right decision is oftentimes the hard one.

3) Watch it with the attorney comments, sista. They deserve to get paid for their hard work just like anybody else. So there.

4) Can't wait to hear how about the PTA meeting went.

5) Connor does look so grown up - scary.

6) Great flare shots.

7) That girl certainly is dedicated. I admire her a ton.

8) We need a pic of Bill's new do.

9) Glad you're feeling better about the mirror these days.

10) If you just put on your swimsuit and get in the pool, you won't need underwear...

Jerolyn said...

I heart the Herbsts!!! That's all.