Monday, June 22

Living with a bad rap.

After living here in the Las Vegas valley for 8 years now,
I should be used to hearing all the comments about -
"How can you live there? How can you stand the weather?
How can you raise your kids there?"

Well. It really gets tiring after awhile. Trust me, I totally "get"
someone being curious. I too, am curious about why people do certain things.
But sometimes it isn't curiosity, it's just lack of respect for someone else's choice
on how to live, that just really bugs the crap out of me. And we get a LOT of THAT
here in Vegas.

So, some very good friends of ours own a condo at Lake Las Vegas Resort.
It is a little piece of paradise away from Las Vegas and even away from busy, residential
Henderson. You feel like you are so much further "away" than you actually are.
And you know you are in a place that people who wonder what you see in the Vegas lifestyle
have NO FLIPPING clue about. I like that.

We joined friends this past Saturday for a party
celebrating one of Hannah's friends 16th birthday.
We all had an amazing time! Their condo sits on Reflection Bay.

The weather was just perfect. Sunny, warm, breezy. We spent the day between
visiting friends indoors, walking the sandy beach, watching the kids have fun on
the lake and in the pool.

And I've said this before. These kids, no matter the age, ALL get along
so well with each other. All of them.

This is what life should be all about.
No matter where you live.


Debbie Sr. said...


You get the whole damn thing. It doesn't matter where you live, if you don't get IT!

I see an exceptional family, with exceptional kids living an exceptional life.

Liz said...


And I love the Flop Tan.

One day - hopefully sooner than later, we will own a lake house - not too far from here, within New England. And when we do, we can get all of OUR kids together to swim, laugh and play.
Granted - your kids might be able to drive and possibly bring their spouses by the time it happens... but it WILL happen. :)

Kim said...

How did I miss commenting on this?

Great pictures, and it looks like it was an awesome time. Doesn't matter where you live - times like that are what it's all about.

Denise said...

Screw those crazies!

That place does NOT suck. What an awesome day. XO