Thursday, June 4

It's all in the training.

About the time we re-homed the two Italian Greyhounds
that Lucy had as playmates, we began to remember what a good
"alone" dog she was. Yeah, she had fun with the two other guys,
if you call, them trying to hump her at least 56 times a day,


We immediately got rid of the crate.
She is a great dog.
We trust her completely and totally.
She is the best of the best of all dogs.
So we just disassembled it, and never looked back.

And there is nothing worse better than watching your little dog
snuggle herself right under your covers at night....

night after night

after night

after friggin' backache-induced night.....

She was officially
We bought her a dog bed and put it in a cozy corner of our room
with her own snuggly little blankie...

Say it with me..."awwwww....."

And she's our Lucy. She figured out where her place was,
in no time at all.

So a couple of mornings ago, we wake up and here is where Lucy is.
All nestled in tight amongst the decorative pillows that go on our bed when it is made,
that are in a giant pile on the floor at night.


She was officially
KICKED OUT OF HER OWN BED! In the past we've had to
make it crystal clear to Garrin,
that he is NOT to come into our bed.

We got rid of Lucy,

and we were getting rid of him.

GOOD BOY, Garrin!


iVegasFamily said...

That's so funny!

Trisha said...

OK - - I am giggling at my desk . . . that is as funny as anything !! I love Garrin, but I love Lucy for sharing her space !!!

Denise said...

That is HYSTERICAL! (And that freaking camera of yours takes such good pictures!)

Liz said...

I love Lucy & Garrin so much right now.
That is the best story ever.
Seriously - that is the BEST BLOG EVER!!

Kim said...

So, so funny! I think you need to get a bigger dog bed for Garrin!

LaAna said...
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LaAna said...

OH-BOY! Gotta love those 3rd child personalities. That is priceless. Love him!