Friday, June 26

The Drive

oh the joy of riding in the car with Hannah for four hours.

Drove yesterday together to California
for a swim meet.

Let me just back up a little, to rag on myself a bit.
We left about 2 hours later than anticipated.
I was hoping to be on the road about 4 pm,
to have everything
spic and span
in its proper place
in my house, before I leave it for a few days
put us heading out at 6 pm.


So here are a few observations I made within that 4 hour ride.

(that would be the sound of the bugs hitting the windshield)
since the silence in the car was deafening with Hannah plugged into her iPod.

***my daughter can text faster than anyone I know

***I hate my Blackberry Storm when I need to text while I am driving
fast on the's just plain ol' difficult.

***I'm really not sure why cars just putt along in the left hand lane on
Move the hell over.......
I know my big dark EXPEDITION must be really hard to see on the approach,

***Did you ever wonder why owner's of SUV's that have the spare tire attached to the back
of their vehicle and have a cover over it, that has the model name on it -
like HONDA - even back out of their driveway and go anywhere knowing that
the name is crooked??? Don't they have one tiny ounce of OCD that might make them
FIX THAT before heading out?

***No matter how loud I put MY music, how loud and out of tune I sing, how
ridiculous I look movin' and groovin' while I am driving, I can't manage
to sneak one little smile out of Hannah.

***If Hannah did not beg to stop to pee in Victorville I am pretty sure
my, now 44 year old, bladder, could have made it the whole way!

***I should NEVER listen to Hannah when she asks to get a Starbucks
because she never, ever ever ever finishes it even when she promises.....
it is still sitting in my truck right now.

***I really love the toll roads here in CA because you call haul some serious ass,
but the stinking toll machine spits out dollar COINS. WTF am I going to
do with dollar coins??? (Well, I paid the second toll that was on the same road....)

***I managed to get myself in the ONE lane at the Agriculture Checkpoint Stop on the 15,
where the guy was actually checking cars. So he makes the Michigan car in
front of me open his trunk to check for fruit, plants or animals......
Then I pull up and he asks where I am coming from. I say Henderson and he says -
Well that's quite a long way........
I'm practically thinking out loud - NO the Michigan guy in front of me came a LONG WAY.
I came from the closest town to this checkpoint where people drive something
other than a tractor......

***I only took me 4 times yelling Hannah's name to get her attention
to ask her to get THESE pictures:

I guess if we'd left at 4 as planned, we wouldn't have driven through
the Mojave Desert at the most perfect time, huh?
Hannah wouldn't have put her phone and her iPod down
to enjoy this sunset with me.

The meet starts today.
I may or may not be posting.
Happy Friday!


Liz said...


first - I am the same exact way - I cannot leave a HAIR out of place when I leave the house.
second - it does not sound like you had a very enjoyable 4 hours, regardless of what time you left at.
third - glad the sunset added some perspective. :)

Enjoy your weekend.
Go Hannah!

Denise said...

Good Luck! XO

Kim said...

Sounds like a real fun, click, click...

GOR-GEOUS sunset pictures...see, you were meant to leave later.

Go Hannah, Go Hannah, Go Hannah!!

erica said...

Great luck!