Wednesday, June 3

Dear Garrin -

Love you bud.
Just want to start off with that.

You are seriously, so stinking cute.
You are equally a pill.
And I say that with as much love that can come from
a mother of a steadily and consistently improving, speech delayed

You are a chatterbox. At most times, an unintelligible chatterbox,
but one nonetheless. I love that you don't give a crap that one may
or may not understand what you have to say. You say it anyway.
Until one understands.

Now the whole learning process is a lot slower for someone like you.
Things that parents may have experienced with a much younger child,
we may be experiencing that with you now. Daddy and I are totally not
worried about that though. We take it as it comes, and like I always say -
"you all are pretty equal once you start kindergarten"

So - whatev....

So just thinking back a ways to when Hannah was little,
I remember becoming quite irritated during
the whole "what's this?" phase.
What's this?
What's that?
What's this???? every fricken 5 seconds......

And then came the "why?" phase.
What's this and what's that were very easy questions to answer.
The why questions - well......not so easy sometimes.
But she talked early, which gave us the parental right,
that when we got hung up on one of those difficult why questions
(Why does Daddy pee standing up? for instance)
we could just tell her to "shush"...or
"be quiet".....or
"stop talking".

Can't say that to you though, my love.
Couldn't say that to Connor either, but you ramble on and on
way more than Connor ever did.
He didn't irritate the sh$t out of us, like you do.

So why do I talk about this so bluntly?

Well for you honey, it's been a bit different.
You didn't go through the "what's that?" phase.
Nor did you get to the "why" phase.
Yours is different.
Yours is the "what kind?" phase.


Now let's think about this....
You say to me - "Mommy, I see an airplane."
I say - "Yes, I see it too Garrin."
You respond - "What kind of airplane?"
I say - "Southwest."
You say - "What kind of Southwest?"

WHAT KIND of truck?
WHAT KIND of chair?
WHAT KIND of paint?
WHAT KIND of tire?
WHAT KIND of haircut?
WHAT KIND of shower?
WHAT KIND of table?
WHAT KIND of money?


Really...I haven't a clue sometimes.
Don't feel ever, that just because
I want to constantly poke my eyes out with a fork,
that I love you any less,
during this journey of yours into little boyhood.
Know that I will never ever ask you to "shush",
but do Mommy a favor and get over this as quickly as possible.

Love you more than pizza.......

PEPPERONI, that's what kind.

xoxo, Mommy


Denise said...

I love it! He is such a cutie and I love his little attitude. XO

Dad said...

Gin.. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.. I love this boy to death! We all love him in our own ways and have to bite our tongues and smile at this little kid who keeps us all wondering, what's next with Garrin. Love him..

Jerolyn said...

What kind of Fork? Ahhhhhh just kiddin'
This post is one of my faves! I laughed, I cried, well I didn't really cry...I just laughed, because I could just hear you. Garrin is yummy...what kind of yummy? Extra, Yummy YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I adore this little guy!!!


Kim said...

Love this post, and I love how he's gotten so confident and inquisitive. I think the "what kind" question is a good one though - you can get really creative with your answers.

Oh, and the picture of him on the far left? That's my favorite expression he makes - love that glint in his eyes!

iVegasFamily said...

Holy crap...I almost spit out my coffee laughing. What kind...Starbucks, of course.