Saturday, June 27

Day One...down....

two to go.

This is one of Hannah's most favorite pools to swim. And I must say, compared to the
last time we were here, the weather is exceptional. Not too hot, nice cool breeze.
Just perfect.

A perfect set-up for some great swims........
If you decide to really take it seriously, and do everything that you are supposed to
do as a competitive swimmer to get ready for a race.....Hannah apparently "didn't have
enough time to warm-up" before her 100 breaststroke, which translates into...
"Mom, I was talking to my friends and laughing and joking around and having fun
and by the time I realized I needed to get ready to swim all I had time to do was go
talk to my coach....."

(Come to find out, after I spoke to her rather curtly and my eyes popped out of my
head as I glared at her, she ran to the warm-up pool to do a quick warm-up before
her race.....'cause we ARE here to race, you know.)
Turned out to be a great race day for her.
Took time off of her 100 breaststroke AND her 400 freestyle.

The girls had a medley relay too.
They always get so pumped up when they swim together.
The adrenaline alone, gets them moving in the water.

Hannah had the breaststroke leg...
(pictures courtesy of my friend Tom trying his hand with my camera!!)
Here she is headed down the first leg....
and then heading back, for the next girl to get ready to swim...
And it is pretty cool to watch all the crazy moms, yelling to their kids,
like the swimmers can actually hear them or see them...

I mean seriously. Some times it's embarrassing to watch these people.

And we get to know some of them....or their voices, I should say,
from listening to them holler, or scream, or whistle...

Got one on film today..
Oh, shit.
That's me....

Crazy, I tell ya'.

Looking forward to tomorrow.


Liz said...

I love that picture of you.
Adorable. :)
Crazy lady!

Kim said...

I thought I commented I this...guess I didn't.

Awesome pictures - the determination in her face is just crazy.

And yes, I agree, you are a crazy person when you're there. Never seen anything quite like the moms at a swim meet.... But, you're allowed!

erica said...