Friday, June 12

A crazy thing I do

Sometimes I get these words in my head,
a word, usually,
so then I go in search of a quote.
One that makes me go ........


I might start writing these down.
Maybe do it once a week.

Today's word - SUBTLETY

“Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.”


Denise said...


Bill said...

Hey babe, Not that I have not told you or noticed.. But your blog posts have been very in depth lately.. You have found your style in writing and in your pictures and as you "mature" in these areas I look forward to you expressing in more detail your inner self.

love you.. Me

Liz said...

I hate subtlety, quite frankly. I am always telling people "SPIT IT OUT!"

Debbie Sr. said...


I have to break the silence. Gini I have been telling Kimmy how wonderful your writing is. You have a gift, us it.

I agree with Bill. You are an amazing women:)