Wednesday, June 10

Attitude Adjustment

Many times I have said that Connor just gets in these moods.
Nothing that Bill's version of an attitude adjustment
didn't cure this past weekend.

Jumped in the pool with him while he was fully dressed.

It worked wonders on him.

So much so, that I have considered throwing him in
the pool about 64 more times since Sunday.

Because you know, I LOVE when the kids are home and constantly
fighting about some incredibly stupid thing.....


I must admit, that I too, am in dire need of an attitude adjustment.
Working on the swim team hosting a meet this weekend,
has stressed me out to the max....
wonder if it would help?


Liz said...

Awesome attitude adjustment.
Your kids are so blessed.

Jerolyn said...

I'm throwing your arse IN LADY!

p.s. fun to see your old digs in the post below where our friendship blossomed right at that there table HA!

Anonymous said...

I think a tattoo is in order . . .
blood, sweat, and bee-atches !!

Denise said...

Hello, HOTTIE!!!

Kim said...

I love to see that boy's smiling face. And I love that bad ass Ed Hardy t-shirt he's wearing.

Jerolyn - do it! And please have someone take a video so I can enjoy it from 3,000 miles away!

Jerolyn said...

Why can't I blow up the photo to see your sexy face?

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