Sunday, May 17

yeah, yeah....I know it's Sunday

There is this super cool thing I saw on Flikr called Flare Fridays.
And because I love to do fun things with my camera
instead of reading the manual on how to use it properly
and to it's full potential .
I took it outside to try it out.
Yes, I am seeing spots right now as I type this,
because you pretty much have to look full on into
the retina-burning sun to get the shots.

Here are a few of my Flare Shots.
Not too bad for a first timer.

Check it out and try it.
Any camera will do, I'm sure.

There are so many more cool things to try out.
I'm excited.


Chris said...

The first picture is the best! Nice job. I need a good camera someday!

Liz said...

Love it!
I got a new camera from the fam for Mother's Day - and my manual is Spanish. So, I'm figuring it out on my own! :P
Love the pics, Gini!

Anonymous said...

Frickin COOL - - - I am going to try that except my yard is not as grown as yours !! I will have to lay on the ground to get those photos ! Ha !! Have a safe trip today . . .we are proud of Hannah !!! hugs,

Kim said...

Cool concept, and cool pics. Much more fun to just play with it than read the directions!

Denise said...

Nice! You always take excellent pictures - fancy tricks or not!