Friday, May 22

Writing a Resume

No. Not mine.
I'm going to be 44 and mine would look pretty empty,
unless stay-at-home mom indeed became a quality job reference.

I am talking about Hannah's.
Right. She's 11.

But nowadays, things move so fast
and are so different
and so competitive,
that you have to think about things
way ahead of your own anticipated schedule.

She is a 6th grader, and on our minds already is
what high school she will be attending based on
what high school swim team/coach we want her to swim for,
which in turn will prepare her for college and even perhaps,
a scholarship.

I just went to elementary school, which included our middle school grades
and went to the zoned high school. Period.
I am looking today, into how to get a variance to whatever school
we choose for her, how I am going to do it, when I'm going to do it,
etc etc. Way different thinking from way back when.


Hannah has been nominated by one of her teachers at school
to attend

How do you say "no" to this?

How do you not let your first born, beautiful, then to be 12 year old,
get on the big bird in the sky, all by herself, and travel to Washington DC,
alone, to spend a week away, (did I mention, by herself?) to experience
this? To spend a week with other kids from around the United States,
who have been chosen also, to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?


I can't stop thinking, is she old enough?
Just look at her?
OK OK- that's not her now. But she seems like that to us.

So really.
Look at this kid.

So it is all about what is going to look good on her resume
before even getting to High School.
Before even thinking about what college she wants to attend.

It's about here and now and what we can do to help what happens to her
in the future. We would do anything for our kids future, right?


One of her loving parents! said...

We are setting up the pledge line now. We will post the numbers to call shortly!

Kathleen said...

Look out world, here she comes! This kid is going to do many great things and make a difference in the world, I just know it.
That said, I'd be scared @#$%less to let her go. Bravo to you and Bill for being such brave parents!

Hannah said...

Hello? I'm not going alone. Im going with Gillian :DDDDD

Hannah said...

Maybe and hopefully

Kathleen said...

I know you're not going alone Hannah. As your mom pointed out in the post, we like to see our kids as much younger than they really are. It is far harder to admit to yourself (as a parent) that your kids are actually growing up than to admit just how old we are and how many grays we're trying to cover!

Jerolyn said...

That's so awesome and congrats to H~Banana!

Kim said...

What an awesome opportunity, one not to be missed. I know she'll make the very most of it, too. So many amazing things to see and do in D.C.

Way to go, Hannah!!

Denise said...

I'm not a parent therefore I can't say much about the "letting go" part but I can say that Hannah is an exceptional kid - the real deal!! This is just ONE of the many amazing things she is going to be a part of!! XO

Unknown said...

Ditto Denise.
I love hearing this stuff about your kids and what you do, Gini.